We have take-off!

Today is a pretty important day….it’s the ‘soft launch’ or I guess I should say the ‘re-launch’ of this site.

It’s beem a labor of love, a dream come true and above all it’s from years of planning and finding the courage to finally take the leap of faith and just get it out there!

It isn’t finished, when is a site ever really finished?

New ideas come to mind and with perseverance, discipline, a positive belief system and trusting vs. hoping, they come to fruition and appear on the site.

So, with that said, welcome to the new edition of Mindful Adventures. And there’s so much more to come. Check back every so often and discover something new.

Thank you for dropping by.

0 thoughts on “We have take-off!

  1. Congrats on launching a great looking web site. You already have a wealth of information here. I can’t even imagine how good it will be as you add resources and information.

  2. Donna,
    We love the new site. You have so much to offer with your writing and healthy living expertise that we are happy to see this new outlet. All the best!
    P.S. – We want to hear more about your recent solo trip through the country.

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