Top 10 Destination Spas for Change

Top 10 Destination Spas for Change
Positive Action creates Positive Change

Are you ready to take action and create positive change for your life? Get ready to challenge yourself, nurture yourself, and reinvent yourself using travel and spa as your vehicle.  Choose to live in the moment ‘now’ and reach beyond your limits to uncover your hidden passions and a more positive you.  It starts here, are you ready?

Canyon Ranch – Tucson, AZ and Lenox, MA – The healing power and energy of the Sonoran Desert and the Berkshires offer a respite to those seeking programs to nourish, challenge and pamper themselves.  Consider hiking, biking, nutritious dining, workshops, and consultations by wellness and medical experts and a full-service spa for relaxation and renewal.

Vera Via, Carlsbad, CA
Vera Via offers one of the most unique programs among destination/health spas.  Their program helps guests accomplish specific goals including weight reduction, overcoming stressors, personal fitness, and programs for long-lasting health and well-being.  I love that you meet with their experts and create an individualized plan that helps you realize success during your stay with continued progress when you’re back home. Treating the ‘whole’ person leads to long-lasting results.

Rancho la Puerta, Tecate, Mexico
–   Rancho la Puerta offers an abundance of fitness classes, hiking opportunities for the beginner to advanced, cooking demos, lectures, and plenty of options for pampering in their health centers. Meals are nourishing and vegetarian and simply delicious.  The ‘rooms’ are really casitas and they’re spacious and decorated with folkloric Mexican art and they’re very comfortable. Take the time to ‘meander the paths’ at the Ranch and you might just find your life will open up to unlimited possibilities.

Miraval Arizona, Tucson & Austin
Find inspiration and learn how to live in the moment.  Be present, rather than worry about the past or the future.  Different experiences present choices for nutrition, fitness, stress management, and meditation.  Explore challenging activities, inspiring classes, and relaxing moments to help you create a healthier lifestyle.

Red Mountain Spa, St. George, Utah
– Only 90 minutes from Las Vegas, this resort is surrounded by majestic red mountains, vivid blue skies, and the peaceful setting of the Utah desert.   Adventure awaits guests with activities such as hiking, kayaking, biking as well as healthy living classes, fitness, healthy dining, and pampering spa services to soothe your body, mind, and soul after a fulfilling day.  Consider the assistance of their Life Coach, Cindy Clemmons, and take part in one of the workshops to help you make the changes for a more fulfilling life.

Lake Austin Spa Resort, Austin, TX
– Located on Lake Austin in the Texas Hill Country, this highly rated resort is a rare find in the Austin area and a unique setting for a destination spa.  It is truly like going to your best friend’s lake cottage!  Fitness classes, healthy living classes, nutritious and delicious dining are available.  If you’re looking for a unique program in healthy cooking, then the Culinary ExperienceÔ is one to look into for an interactive experience, which is another opportunity to take action to create positive change in your life.

Mii Amo, Sedona, AZ –  Mii Amo, a Native American word meaning “journey,” is located at Enchantment Resort and surrounded by the awe-inspiring red rocks of Sedona.  There is a sense of healing and a feeling of life-changing energy in this magical space in the desert.  There are different “journeys” or programs that you can choose from for a 3-, 4- or 7-night stays such as the Healthy Lifestyle journey, Ayurvedic Balance, or Healthy Aging.  Journeys include all meals, classes, activities, and spa services.  A stunning and inspirational setting creates the stage for change.

The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, PA – This all-inclusive wellness resort has received many accolades over the years and while it’s a great location during the summer and fall months, the Lodge is open year-round. From kayaking and forest bathing during the warmer months to snowshoeing in winter.

Hilton Head Health, Hilton Head, SC – Hilton Head Health (H3) has over 40 years of experience with their weight loss program and their newer Live Well Program.  Beginning on day one you’re assessed by H3’s fitness experts and given a personalized program, one that is effective and tailored to your needs.  Scheduling features healthy eating, fitness, behavioral health and they’re offered in private and small groups.  H3’s all-inclusive program is effective, empowering, and fun.

Cal-a-Vie, Vista, CA – Located in the rolling hills outside of San Diego, this intimate European villa-inspired resort offers guests the tools to create a more balanced lifestyle with nutritious meals, fitness classes, stress management classes, and a luxurious spa.  Contemplate the changes you’re ready to make while on a walking meditation in the labyrinth or within the quiet walls of their 400-year-old chapel.

Life is a Journey….that we can all agree upon.  Take the first step to create the positive change you desire and keep on walking!

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.”  Lao Tze

Having experienced all of these destination spas I’m happy to share more insight and details to help you on your path to wellness.