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With the end of summer nearly upon us many are either on vacation or still thinking of where to go and what to do before September arrives.  I don’t have children, however when September arrives I often think of going back to school and that mindset of ‘buckling down’ and getting back to focus.  Even though I work just about every day including weekends, summer is a more relaxed time and one that I’d like to extend, at least mindfully.

If you’re still considering some summer spa time, and by spa, I am referring to the lifestyle…eating healthy, fitness/nature/hiking, and perhaps jump-starting a healthier lifestyle and getting back to living in the moment.  Of all the seasons, summer is a great time to learn more about living in the present moment.  I hope you’ll find something interesting here. 

More than just lotions and potions:

Make an investment in your health:  Stress….we all know what they say about stress.  So, why not consider taking control of your health and consider a spa.  Take time to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate and spend time at the spa.  Spas offer an opportunity to make changes in eating habits and take advantage of nutritional information and consultations.  They offer a plethora of fitness classes and a chance to try something different.  And, of course, enjoy spa services such as a Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Facials, Reflexology, Acupuncture and a wide variety of services that help with relaxation and so much more.

There are more than 14,000 spas in the U.S. – consider taking a few days to immerse yourself into the spa lifestyle and if you only have one day off, make it a day at the spa.  You’ll return home feeling better than ever.
Gal Pal Power: 
If you’re like me, you don’t see your friends very often……between work and their family obligations, there is little time for some girlfriend time so perhaps it would be a good idea to combine two important events in one:  Time with your friends and some relaxation time.  A few hours can be life changing especially if you’re on your own most of the time and just need to be with your friends – the ones who know you best and offer a support system.    Whether you’re a spa pro or someone who has never been before, surely one of your friends knows a spa to consider and can plan the afternoon or day.  Relax and reconnect with your friends…..and yourself.
Things to know before you go:
  • Do some research – check on a few spas and get their menu of services.   Which one has what you’re looking for and if you’re going with a few friends, check the schedule to be sure you can get appointment times together.
  • Express yourself – be sure you mention your preference for a male or female therapist.  Ask questions, it’s okay and best to go into your service without apprehension.
  • Time to relax – Sometimes we do bring on our own stress by not allowing enough time…, be sure to arrive at least 30-minutes prior to your service and take advantage of the amenities at the spa, even if it’s sitting quietly going through a magazine and drinking a cup of green tea.  You will get more from your treatment if you walk in the room in a more relaxed state.  After your service, feel free to do the same.  Sit quietly and extend that feeling of euphoria.
  • Bare minimum – Your comfort is important.  What you choose to wear under your robe is your decision, especially if it’s your first spa experience.
  • Quiet Rooms – Do you prefer a quiet service or a little conversation?  It’s up to you…….you can either immerse yourself into the experience and relax quietly or (if you’re like me), you may want a little conversation.  You decide!
  • Affordable?  Yes! – Many spas offer special rates and packages and there are also spas connected with massage schools, so it is affordable for all.  Although most services are 50-60 minutes, there are opportunities for 30-minute massages, which offer lower rates.  Take a look at the spa menu and simply ask if there are any specials.
  • Grateful for Gratuities – Some spas include a service charge, which could be the tip.  So always ask if you’re not sure. Although it is customary to tip 15-20 percent, it is also up to you.
  • ISPA – International Spa Association:  ISPA has more than 3000 members in 75 countries and ISPA member spas sign a Standards & Practices agreement and respects your rights as a spa-goer by using the ISPA Code of Conduct.  So be sure to look for the ISPA logo.
    Resource:  ISPA

If you’re interested in a wellness spa getaway for 3 or more days – contact me directly.
Live mindfully!  Enjoy the spa lifestyle…every day

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