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Nutrition at Canyon Ranch
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Plans for the summer? Thinking about leading a healthier life? Canyon Ranch has a lot going on this summer to help you make this your best summer ever.

If you’re already familiar with Canyon Ranch, then you know how much there is to do and how their classes and services can help you get back on track with fitness and nutrition.

If not, then continue reading about the benefits of a worthwhile trip to Canyon Ranch. By the way, Canyon Ranch offers a full program in both Tucson, AZ and Lenox, MA. If you’re looking for a beach resort, then the newer Miami Beach location is one to consider. The details below are based on the Tucson location due to the lower rates offered in the summer, which makes it one of the best values for a destination spa adventure.

When traveling to Canyon Ranch, it’s great to balance out your stay and focus on nutrition, fitness and spirituality. The programs offered will enrich your life and you’ll leave with the tools required to really make a difference. It’s about ‘lifestyle’ changes and not a quick fix.

Meals are delicious and nutritious
and with such a wide variety you’re sure to find something that you enjoy. Meals display nutrition information so you can see how many calories you’re eating, as well as fiber, fat, protein and carb content. And, cooking demos are available as well and you can learn the basics of cooking healthy and bringing what you learned home and into your own kitchen.

With a wide variety of fitness options, you may even find something new to try and perhaps engage further when you return home. From Yoga, to Pilates to Dance; you’ll feel energized and build self-confidence as well.

Meet with a Canyon Ranch exercise physiologist and get to know your body better so you can build on your strengths.

The Spirituality program at Canyon Ranch is one of the best in the country and whether you’re seeking to find ‘calm’ in your hectic life or enhance your meditation practice, you’ll find an array of options available.

On my last visit I spent time with Lisa for a soul-coaching session and it brought me a sense of peace and helped me to go deeper into my own spirituality practice, something that I continue to work on at home.

Canyon Ranch is like a luxury camp for adults
, and when you experience all of the possibilities of how you can create a healthier and more balanced life, you will know that every moment you spent at Canyon Ranch brought you closer to the ‘you’ that you always wanted to be. A healthy lifestyle takes work, however when you have the tools to make it happen, it’s so much easier and you can see the results.

Summer Promotions (and beyond):

1. Two New/Two Terrific. If you’re both new to Canyon Ranch, this is for you. Share time with a girlfriend or your significant other and learn healthier skills together so you can support each other for a lifetime of good health.
2. Celebrate You. If you’re going solo, this may be for you.
3. In the Neighborhood. If you live in California (or Arizona), then this is THE BEST value!
4. Graduate Promotion. Okay, this is when I think, “If I knew then what I know now, I’d have gone to Canyon Ranch when I first graduated!” If you’re a graduate or know a graduate, this is a great opportunity to share a room and save and go forth into the world armed with all the tools necessary for a healthier life.

To your health, always!

Update: The Miami location is now Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. Search here on Mindful Adventures for more info on Carillon.

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