Spa-tacular Savings at Canyon Ranch Tucson, AZ

Kids are getting ready for camp, families are planning summer vacations and there are some adults that are looking for a stress-free getaway…..and more than ever nowadays. Well, for those of you who have thought about Canyon Ranch (Tucson, AZ), now may be the time to plan your adult getaway and for good reasons.

First, Canyon Ranch was just named the #1 Destination Spa by Conde Nast Traveler Readers and if you’re flexible with your travel plans you can save up to 50% (see below for more details).

With the constant flow of information, the speed at which we now go through our day, cell phones, e-mail, and tending to others it seems that perhaps a getaway to a place like Canyon Ranch can give us the time to slow down, find clarity within ourselves and allow joy to flow through our day. Canyon Ranch offers us a chance to focus on our physical as well as our mental and emotional selves while enjoying three healthy gourmet meals, comfortable accommodations and an abundance of activities both indoors and out. And, yes, a spa to relax our body and soothe our soul!

Okay, back to the note above about saving up to 50%.

If you can travel between August 22 – 29 for either 4- or 7-nights, send an e-mail to us and we’ll give you the details. Space at this rate is limited though. And, if you’d like to get a jumpstart on 2010, consider traveling between January 1 – 8 (for either 4- or 7-nights) and again save up to 50% during this peak travel time. Both opportunities are for the Tucson, AZ resort. I’ll be posting more details about Lenox in the days ahead.

To your health!

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