Soar above the Desert at Miraval Spa.

Have you heard about the new Zipline at Miraval Resort and Spa?   It’s the only destination spa with a Zipline and it’s gaining popularity for Miraval’s guests (and those seeking a more mindful adventure in their life).

Miraval guests can take in amazing  views from the 40-foot high platform as they soar across 1400 feet of desert terrain.  “It’s the best view of Miraval,” said Coral, who was on her fifth Miraval adventure.  “What a thrill!  I wanted to go again.”

A new addition to Miraval Spa’s Challenge Course Activities, the Zipline is more than a thrill for some adventure seekers, it’s about personal development as well.   Miraval offers a nurturing environment for guests to face fears and self-doubt and this is one experience that enables guests to realize their courageous ability to overcome challenges and to trust.

The Zipline also reflects Miraval’s philosophy about Mindfulness.  Nothing matters except for the present moment, especially as you’re safely harnessed and soaring above the desert.

Break free of the ties that bind you and consider one of the activities at Miraval Spa.


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