RoadTrip Update from Hot Springs, AR

So, here I am at Day 31 of my 2009 Adventure…….a lot of material for articles, my blog and of course, my book, etc. 

And, I have to say though that I’m looking forward to getting ‘home’ – although I’m not quite sure where home is these days since I sold my house and decided to take to the road as a free spirit ready for an adventure (more on that later).

I certainly have had an adventure…….travel and healthy living are everything to me…….the places I planned for were fabulous (more later on those, too) and the unplanned stops have worked out as well, although I have to say that at first I may have been a little apprehensive about what to do. It’s such a metaphor for life…….when we plan for something, we can usually glide through it since we’re prepared and expecting the task/event, etc., however, when ‘change’ occurs, those life events that come up that we’re not expecting or anticipating, we tend to be a little more apprehensive and taken aback in our feelings.

That is what some of these days have been like. They’ve stirred emotions, including some fear and excitement, and some have revealed the thrill of anticipation of what lies ahead and those are the feelings I like to experience.

For instance, this morning I left Texarkana, TX heading toward Nashville, TN (I love Nashville!) and I remembered that in 2007 I thought about stopping in Hot Springs, AR. I didn’t stop that year as I was heading back to Virginia for a retreat I was facilitating and this morning I thought what the heck…..I may not come this way again and it’s an opportunity for rejuvenation.

Be spontaneous!
Afterall, it’s ‘Spa City’ and since I’m in the ‘spa’ and healthy living/wellness business, how could I not make a stop here!

To get to Hot Springs I took 7-North and just as I went around the bend I was welcomed by the most beautiful site of Lake DeGray…….I can still remember the feeling I had as I turned that corner and went from gray skies to a plethora of early fall colors and the abundance of this magnificant lake.

It was truly beautiful. 

In fact, most of the drive into Hot Springs was breathtaking. Since I left the east coast I have been enjoying very warm temperatures and today I welcomed the fall season.

Back to Hot Springs……one interesting fact (as there are so many) is that in 1832 President Andrew Jackson signed legislation that made Hot Springs a Federal Reservation becoming the first “national park” in the nation – pre-dating Yellowstone by 40 years. Just think… went from a frontier town to a reknowned ‘spa’ haven. Bath houses are available offering the rejuvenating waters from this well-known location.  I opted to utilize the bath house in the historical Arlington Hotel.

This afternoon I thoroughly enjoyed my Thermal Mineral Wraps ($26 per person) and it included a double wrap (half way through I sat in the Dry Sauna). The staff was great and every need was taken care of (ask for Annette….thanks Annette!). They also provide a choice of sitz baths, dry sauna, wet steam or aroma therapy steam, pressurized shower and hot and cold packs. There are a lot of other services offered at the spa and bath house and today I was mostly interested in the Thermal Mineral Wraps.

Tomorrow I head to Nashville!

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