Road Trip Update – Continuing eastward

Today is day 33 of this adventure and I’m taking a few moments to enjoy being in the Nashville area. I’m actually at a Border’s in Franklin (thank you for the wi-fi).

Just a few more notes about Hot Springs, AR. The Arlington Hotel is nearly 100 years old and in a desired area of town since it’s within walking distance to other bath houses, shops and restaurants.

There are a number of other more contemporary hotels in Hot Springs, however if you’re in this area of ‘spa city’ this is an option, with the knowledge that it is a historic property. It certainly is like going back in time and I can only imagine what it was like in the early days of this resort. I certainly love the appeal of newer hotels with comfy beds, up to date bathrooms and wi-fi, but I also enjoyed experiencing this pre-war grand dame. They have a great staff, and the lobby area was appealing with high ceilings and light coming in through the stained glass windows. If you go, certainly inquire about lower rate options.

RoadtripI enjoyed driving the country road out of Hot Springs as I continued on to Tennessee with an early evening arrival in the Nashville area. I enjoyed a fun Saturday night and a relaxing Sunday to catch up on some writing and exploring.

Mindful Adventures

I’d love to stay in Nashville longer, like indefinitely. I do feel a connection to this area….the weather, the scenery, the vibe of being in music country, the people and so much more. It’s an exciting area, yet a place that could easily become home. There are several places that I feel connected to and that’s the continuing saga of my road trip; where is ‘home’ and when will that defining moment of knowing the answer occur? Seriously, so many choices and amazing places in this country and at the end of the day it’s an overwhelming feeling to have and unless you’re going through it, it’s hard to understand. Fortunately I can work from the road, so that has been great, and I have family and friends from east to west and north to south, which is a blessing as well.

All I can be certain of is uncertainty and that I’m currently living an unconventional life and letting it unfold. That’s pretty amazing as well and

I’ll continue to have faith in the outcome!

If you have a vote for my new hometown, feel free to comment on this entry.

Until next time………enjoy your adventure.

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