Rejuvenation Vacation At Rancho La Puerta

Story and photography by Donna Mantone-Adinolfi

This Baja health spa proved to be the perfect place for the author to relax, recuperate, and reinvigorate her creativity.

When it was time for my annual destination spa adventure, I decided to return to Rancho la Puerta, in Tecate, Mexico, about an hour south-east of San Diego.

My overall fitness had recently lapsed due to a back injury and the spa, founded in1940 by Edward and Deborah Szekely, is known for being “the original destination fitness resort and spa” so it was my first choice.

Rancho la Puerta provides a spacious natural setting (more than 3,000 acres) for hiking, fitness classes, wellness lectures and vegetarian meals, all of which would give me the extra push I needed to get back on track and create the balance and inner-peace that I often advocate.

Although my injury would keep me from doing some of the more intense activities there was still plenty to do with more than 50 options to accommodate guests of varying physical levels. I knew once I stepped through the spa’s door—its puerta—there would still be plenty of viable options to keep me active. I was all set for my week to focus on physical activity, vegetarian meals, creativity, and an overall Zen experience.

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