Reality Shows are out. Adventure is in at Red Mountain Spa!

Meditation at Red Mountain
Photo: Red Mountain Resort

Old Thought:   Watching Reality Shows
New Thought: Interactive and Experiential Adventures

Welcome to 2010 and taking control of your life.
Seriously, I often wonder why is there such a following with reality shows when you can co-create and ‘be’ in your own life and enjoy interactive adventures.  Red Mountain Resort & Spa is one place that offers opportunities with this new thought.  Afterall, we are the actors in our own movie as well as the producer and director.

If you’re tired of watching others ‘live their life’ then perhaps it’s time to consider what may be holding you back from living yours.  Maybe you’re stuck in your current reality?  Are you looking for other tools to help you move forward because your current way of thinking is holding you back?  An Albert Einstein quote comes to mind, he said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  So, even he realized that we ‘create’ our reality.

One of the experiential programs that is noteworthy is the ‘Emotional Fitness’ event, led by Andrea Hanson, coming up Feb. 10 – 14 (other dates throughout 2010 as well).  Andrea Hanson is a Certified Energy Health Practitioner and a Certified Kundalini Yoga Therapist.   Her program offers a “multi-cultural emotional fitness approach to healing” and an opportunity to end patterns of negative thinking, emotions and behaviors that affect your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self so you can create a life of emotional peace.

In addition to three meals daily, hiking, healthy living classes,  the ‘Emotional Fitness’ program*  also includes: Nine Experiential Learning Sessions including Understanding of the Body’s Energy System, Energy Therapy, Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Practice; 75-minute Private Energy Therapy Session (with Andrea),  a Telephone Session with Andrea after Returning Home,  and a Take Home Strategy Plan and Resource Packet including Andrea’s Meditation CD.

Here’s to your own reality show!  Enjoy your life’s adventure.
*Additional fee for Special events.

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