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Hi everyone – thought I’d give another update on specials for those of you looking for a healthy start to 2009 (or a healthier finish to 2008!).

Rancho la Puerta continues to offer 2008 rates for 2009 stays and I hope that you’ll consider going next year (and I still have promotions for this year through the week of Dec. 27). The Ranch is a magical destination spa filled with mature foliage and fauna and although it offers most of what the other destination spas offer such as yoga, healthy meals and the opportunity to kickstart a fitness routine (or enhance what you’re already doing), it also offers a great value and has many uinque features.

One of my greatest memories was walking and contemplating life in the full size replica of the ancient labyrinth found in Chartres Cathedral in France. It was an amazing experience as were the days I focused on Pilates in their progressive program as well as enjoying the best guacamole I’ve ever had (and it’s healthy, low fat, delicious and you’ll have to call or e-mail me for the ingredients) The ‘rooms’ are really casitas and they’re spacious and decorated with folkloric Mexican art and they’re very comfortable. Take the time to ‘meander the paths’ at the Ranch and you might just find your life will open up to unlimited possibilities.

If you do decide to add Rancho la Puerta to your ‘New Year Resolutions’ then you may want to consider choosing a week (Saturday – Saturday//7-night stays) and go ahead with the deposit ($500 pp) to secure the 2008 rate. The balance isn’t due until 30-days prior to arrival and you can start a travel fund to budget for your trip.

A note from Rancho la Puerta:
Rancho La Puerta is currently holding our accommodations rates at 2008 levels for 2009!

We feel that in these tumultuous times a destination spa vacation is more important than ever. We want both our new and returning guests to know that we’re here for you in every way…and we especially want to reward those of you who have enough faith in the future of worldwide economic stability to book your reservations now.

Any 2009 reservation now on record, or made before notice of a rate change sometime in the future, will be honored at 2008 prices—a significant savings in a world where costs continue to soar and “affordability” becomes a rarer commodity. We don’t know how long we can make this offer, so ACT NOW to assure that you lock in your SAVINGS. Enjoy the Ranch—a week that will last a lifetime!

I couldn’t agree more! Have a great weekend.

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