Rally for Travel!

Ah, the freedom to travel!

The opportunity to visit new places, enjoy new experiences and perhaps discover something new about yourself.

I’ve been traveling since the early 60’s from the age of 5 and always knew that I would be involved in this industry in one way or another. We’re living in a 24/7 world and nowadays we’re feeling the stress of everyday living.

Stress from work or lack of work, stress of family matters or perhaps being alone and of course the stress of the economy. The industry has changed quite a bit, especially with the amount of news that is now available (i.e. the recent overcomplication of news related to the Mexico issue) and it has impacted the travel industry. 

Travel and tourism is one of our nations greatest industries employing millions and yes, even the wine industry is included in this group.

Traveling gives us the opportunity to step away from life’s daily pressures and an opportunity to increase overall well-being, reduce stress and have fun. Fun, you remember that three letter word. Traveling gives us the opportunity to do something different, try a new sport, enjoy new foods and great wines, a time of inspiration and relaxation and perhaps an opportunity to find clarity and return refreshed and more apt to handle whatever comes our way.

This is National Travel and Tourism week (May 9 – 17). Tomorrow, May 12, there will be activities held across the nation including Travel Rally Day in which over 35 communities around the country have organized rallies and events to promote the value of travel and why it matters.

If you’re interested in more information about traveling around America:

A little history:
President Ronald Reagan signed the first Proclamation for National Tourism Week during a White House ceremony 26 years ago, he said, “I think the importance of travel and tourism goes far beyond economics. Experiencing America firsthand provides outstanding educational opportunities and is terrific for personal growth. And where in the world is there a more beautiful place to travel, have fun, and relax than in America?”

I agree and think you will as well.

Get out there and enjoy your journey!

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