Miraval Austin Has Reopened

After being closed for about 3-months they have now reopened.

Miraval Austin opened in early 2019 and I had the pleasure of visiting in September. I have to say that I loved the experience and soon there will be three Miraval resorts to choose from – oh my!

If you’re a loyal fan of the Tucson location then you’ll need to give yourself a little time to embrace what Austin has to offer. They have a great team that is passionate about this location and attentive to guests’ needs.

There are 117 beautiful and comfortable guestrooms and suites, the Life in Balance Spa, a 10-acre farm and ranch, a state-of-the-art Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen, and other lovely buildings and gardens. New and unique treatments and wellness classes as well as the tried and true from Miraval Arizona.

Tip: Be sure to leave your digital devices turned off as this is a non-dig resort, which ensures a ‘Be Present’ mode of enjoyment. And a digital detox is probably what you need to fully immerse into a healthier lifestyle. It was for me!

Photo credit: Donna Adinolfi

My favorite space to reflect and journal is Solidago. There’s a peacefulness you feel once you arrive.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Miraval Austin

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