Mindful Moments of Rancho la Puerta

Remember when you were a kid and you missed the ball or something else and yelled, do over!

For many of us, me included, it’s time for a do-over…a new way of thinking, making a change, looking at something from a different perspective and taking that leap of faith!

There’s a place, a vibrant oasis where the whisper of a breeze brings an opportunity to focus on your body, mind and spirit. With each new breath you inhale an energy that can move you forward and open your mind to the possibilities of healing and joy and propel you to create more with your life by tapping into your innate wisdom.

This place I’m reminiscing about is Rancho la Puerta in Tecate, Mexico (about 2 hours south of San Diego, CA) and they’re offering amazing specials through the summer. If you’ve ever wanted to visit this destination spa that started it all, now is the time. They’ve extended their Bring a Friend promotion, which is currently the best option and it’s a short two hours from San Diego airport (ground transfers included for the weeklong stay).

One day you may choose to focus on your physical and explore hiking, Pilates and dance. Another day you may opt to tap into your creative spirit and explore art or journaling and yet another day you may take in the beauty of the land at the base of Mt. Kuchumaa, or meander the cobblestone path or meditate at the labrynth.

There’s much to do with your life and sometimes it takes a week away at a destination spa to rediscover yourself and engage in activities that bring you back to your authentic self or perhaps it’s time to discover your authentic self. Challenges may appear and doubts may surface taking us off course and when this happens perhaps it’s time to stop and get a new perspective so you can move beyond self imposed limits.

Step by step by step is the way to get from where you are to where you want to be. Take the first step and start anew. Each tomorrow becomes today and once we learn how to live in the present, each tomorrow will be better.

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