Mindful Adventures Announces Present Perfect – A Women’s Retreat!

I don’t know about you, however, I have made a decision to stop watching the news and feeding into fear, worry and anxiety and for those of you who know me, that is huge.

I choose to live in the moment and continue to create what I want my life to be, however we are all human and I like to think of myself as believer meets realist with a side of optimism.

So the question I pose is this:
How about you?
Now is the time to dedicate our time and energy toward moving forward. Plant the seeds, water them, nourish them and give them room to grow and yes, a little time and patience is necessary. We can create the life we want and choose to not let fear and doubt hold us back.

Another function of Mindful Adventures in addition to writing, spa retreats, travel and wellness is handling marketing, public relations, and communications for businesses and individuals with similar beliefs, values and intentions and I’d like to announce Present Perfect, A Women’s Retreat being led by a Virginia based company (Growing Through Yoga), focused on retreats, workshops and seminars throughout Virginia to help others achieve personal and professional transformation.

We’re both excited about this opportunity and for those of you in Virginia, consider a retreat either for yourself or your company/business.

Upcoming Retreat:
Surry, VA
May 29 ~ 31, 2009

Retreat Overview
Chanco on the James is an easy drive from the Peninsula and a wonder-filled place – an oasis in the world – where the Sacred Self of each individual is recognized and can find love, peace and serenity.
Join other like minded women for a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend where you can let the everyday world disappear and where you are free to just be!

This will be your time to use as your heart dictates and live in the moment.
You’ll be inspired by the variety of workshops created to improve your life.
– Mindfulness/Meditation
– Yoga
– Spiritual Mentoring
– Breathwork
– Creative Movement
– Metabolics of Aging

For more information on this retreat or others outside the area, please contact:
Phone: Anita at 757-871-7480 or
E-mail: neetayacht@cox.net

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