Mii Amo – A Journey to Rediscover Yourself…and more.

When I think about Mii Amo, which is the Yuman (Native American language) for “journey, to continue one’s path, moving forward,”  so many words come to mind for me like Intention, Sacred, Balance, Renewal, Contemplation, Self-care and the list goes on.  There are many reasons to fall in love with this top destination spa  including personalization,  the stunning background of  Sedona and the peaceful setting of such an intimate resort.

I think what I love most about Mii Amo is the Native American influence and traditions reflected in their program – the Crystal Grotto is a personal favorite, this is where you can go each morning to set your intention for the day.

And, because Mii Amo is more intimate (14 spa guest rooms and 2 spa suites), you have the opportunity to truly make this as personal an experience as possible from planning your activities in advance (which differs from some other spas) to narrowing down the journey you’d like to experience.  There are Five Journeys offered at Mii Amo for  a 3-, 4-, or 7-night stay beginning with either a Sunday or Thursday arrival.

The Five Journeys include:

– DeStress Mind, Body & Spirit (leads you to a more centered and focused life)
– Healthy Body in Balance (focus on exercise and nutrition)
– Spiritual Exploration (focus on your inner self, insight and balance)
– Rites of Passage (assists you in embarking on a new stage in life)
– Mii Amo Master (based on past guest experience and focuses on current needs)
Each customized journey includes your room, meals, spa treatments, consultations, activities and more.

Mii Amo
is a magical place – full of beauty – where you can hike at Boynton Canyon or enjoy outdoor yoga; where you can enjoy healthy and delicious cuisine; where you can relax and take care of ‘you’ either in the spa, at the pool or in your private room; where you can immerse yourself in the abundance of activities offered daily, stargaze, and enjoy the stunning Red Rocks that surround you and where you are taken care of throughout your stay.

When you go:

– Fly into Phoenix and you can either rent a car or request private transfers (additional fee)
– Arrive early as it’s about 2-hours to get to Sedona
– Once your Mii Amo reservation is made you’ll receive a questionnaire and this helps the spa coordinators personalize your stay

Healthy Living at Home:

– Implement what you learned and enjoyed at Mii Amo
– Continue to journal each day
– Meditate
– Set an intention each day
– If you loved the cuisine (and I’m sure you will), consider getting their cookbook:
Journey of Taste: Favorite Recipes from Mii amo Spa in Sedona

I hope you find joy, love, great health and a lifetime of dreams come true on your journey! ~~ Donna


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