Michael Tompkins Joins Hilton Head Health as CEO to Lead Wellness Transformation

Michael Tompkins, ISPA Chairman, has joined Hilton Head Health as their new CEO.  If you’re in the spa and wellness industry then you’ll agree that this is exciting news for us for 2014.  Tompkins has been in the field of health and wellness and luxury hospitality for over 25 years. He began his career as a Registered Nurse and most recently served as CEO of Miraval Resort & Spa, Tucson, AZ.

I am excited about where Hilton Head Health is heading in their wellness transformation with Michael Tompkins at the helm.  Since 1976 Hilton Head Health has been known as a top weight loss and wellness resort in the U.S. and they’re expanding at a crucial time as more of us seek out more opportunities to improve our health and well-being.

A Wellness Revolution Begins!

The Team
Hilton Head Health is focused on including more wellness and health-based initiatives and has brought together industry leaders to do just that.   Tompkins joins CMO Carol Stratford, formerly of Miraval, and CFO Ben Campsey, formerly of the Umstead Hotel & Spa.
Wellness Transformation
The expansion is set to take place over the next 6 months and includes property growth, development and program enrichment to expand beyond the property (focus will still be on weight loss at the Hilton Head Health location).   And, the development of the new programming will help guests focused on wellness get a kick start on a healthier lifestyle.
Hilton Head Health offers Mind-Body programming such as self-reflection and group forums (body image, life transitions, self-discovery), which are vital for lifestyle change and a selection of massages and facials.  The new Indigo Spa is currently under construction with an estimated completion of Christmas 2014. (Indigo means deep inner discovery.)
Property Expansion
A 30-room Inn is underway and expected to open late Spring 2015.
True restaurant was completely renovated and a new a la carte menu will feature healthy options (and offer wine).
A new lounge area is next to True for guests to utilize before and after group classes.
New Programming
Three separate tracks will be offered
LoseWell – This is their intense (4-week) weight loss program and is designed for people seeking guidance and to be held accountable to lose 40-lbs or more.
LiveWell – This is a week long program for guests wanting to jumpstart weight loss of 10-30 pounds.  And the new changes to the one-week program will shift to more of a healthy lifestyle and wellness focused experience.

PlayWell – A new initiative launching this fall.   This option will focus on the fun recreational outdoor offerings on Hilton Head – a focus on the destination yet still targeting health and wellness.  Golf, beach yoga, walking tours (Historic Savannah), paddle boarding, kayaking, etc.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas A. Edison


Photo credit: Donna Adinolfi


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