Lessons in being Grounded

There are so many topics to write about and yet I have been remiss in posting lately and for that I’m sorry.

My life adventure is based on positive living practices and every so often we can get ‘tripped’ up in daily life and sometimes it’s like being hit with a 2×4, otherwise known as a wake up call, and I now find myself temporarily grounded.

My ‘mindful’ moments have shifted a little due to an injury I sustained (my proverbial 2×4) and the initial blow was a cracked rib, which led to a few other injuries not quite felt at the time of the initial accident.

I put off looking into the subtle differences I felt in my body thinking they would go away. I spent more hours working and trying to ‘figure things out’ and as much as I knew the first priority was to listen to my body I neglected to listen to my own innate wisdom.

Sometimes we can assist others and guide them to accepting and recognizing that their first priority is to take care of themselves, and sometimes we just miss the mark when it comes to listening to the messages from our own body, mind and spirit, and that’s all part of being human.

The challenge that I’m facing now seemed to creep up on me little by little until one day I could hardly move and enjoy my lifestyle and as much as I felt anger and frustration, I came to realize it was another lesson. A harder lesson to take when there’s pain involved, yet a lesson nevertheless.

The reality is that I am now focused on healing and have reduced my hours of work and many outdoor activities. I believe in alternative modalities and am focused on healing and listening to my body more than I’ve done in the past. Our body can heal itself and this lesson, although very difficult at times, is teaching me about patience (many lessons in patience have come my way), self-acceptance, and trust (yes, another big one and it’s trust in oneself, others and divine guidance).

In many ways it’s a transformation and maybe a way to let go of some old beliefs that were holding me back, which is so ironic since I’m feeling ‘held back’ now. It’s like being in that ‘chrysalis’ stage of growth and differentiation and when it’s time to emerge we can feel our wings and move forward. The butterfly analogy is so real for this time of transformation as there are so many people going through a time of change.

Perhaps there’s something going on in your life that you haven’t faced and no matter how much you put off tending to it or burying your head in the sand, it is still there. Sometimes dealing with work challenges or assisting someone else with their challenge is easier, yet when it comes to our own life that may not always be the case.

Change truly does come from within and our perception is our reality. When we come to realize that what we used to believe in no longer serves us and we can look at something from a different perspective, then change occurs and we can also refer to this as a paradigm shift, a major change in thinking, which is empowering and can help move us forward.

Currently my ‘Mindful Adventures’ include visualizations and affirmations and a balance of putting myself first so that everything else can fall into place. Worrying doesn’t solve anything and it is so true that when we have our health, we do have everything.

Here’s to your health and your own mindful adventures!
Note: As soon as I’m able to travel again, I’ll be heading to a couple of my favorite destination spas for continued physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth!!!

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  1. Very good points. Taking time for and dedicating energy to ourselves is necessary in order to be at our best. Times of change and challenge require even more attention to ourselves. The better shape we are in as individuals the better equipped we are to handle the change and challenge that are as certain in life as “death and taxes.”

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