Last Minute Savings for Rancho la Puerta Ends in 48 hours!

Winter at the Ranch!
Photo: Rancho la Puerta

Last Minute Savings for Rancho la Puerta Winter stays ends on January 15!  And what a savings they’re offering as I haven’t seen this kind of reduction for this amazing Old Mexico style destination spa.  And, Rancho la Puera is in their 70th year – even more amazing and what a great success as well.

As we get ready to enter this next half of January, many of us are dedicated to our fitness routine and commitment to eat more healthy in 2010.  And if there’s ever been a time to get even more support, it’s now as Rancho la Puerta is offering 25% off all rooms from the week of Jan. 23 through the week of Feb. 27.  Rancho la Puerta is based on a 7-night stay (Saturday-Saturday) and this promotion must be booked no later than this Friday, January 15, 2010.

A typical day at Rancho la Puerta might include a morning hike, healthy breakfast, yoga, Pilates, a nutrition class, a healthful lunch, afternoon meditation, spa service (a la carte), aqua aerobics class, relaxation at the pool or hammock, a nap before dinner, an evening lecture and a restful night’s sleep.  Meals are vegetarian and as colorful as they are delicious and the grounds are breathtaking with the maturity of the fauna and foliage.

There are so many reasons to visit Rancho la Puerta, one of the first destination spas, and the most important reason of all is to be good to yourself.

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