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I started thinking about this earlier today and thought it was a good time as any to put it out there.

I often receive calls from people who think they’re calling the spa directly and after letting them know that that I’m not geographically at the spa, they either decide to continue or choose to call the spa anyway.

Here are a few reasons why I would love to talk to you and be your ‘go to’ person for everything spa!

The reason I call myself an expert is because I have been to the locations on my site. I know them well, which also means I know of the promotions going on and the latest dish (yes, I would like my own TV show about Spas someday).

I have been involved in the spa industry for over 15 years (with over 25 years in travel). I write about spas, I talk about spas, I visit spas, I enjoy spas, my house is even spa-like. Anyway, I thought I would go over a few of the benefits to speaking with me about your spa vacation (or about the spa lifestyle!).

1. Going direct vs. going with me: Speaking directly with the spa is great….I consider them friends since we’ve been working together for so long. However, I don’t charge a fee for my spa and travel experience (over 25 years and still going strong) and I always seek out the best option (I usually ask several questions so I can find the best option for your needs) and there are times where I may have something even better. My goal is to assist you either way….as the rate isn’t going to be any less if you go direct. Also, if the rate is more than your budget I can guide you to another option or if you have specific needs we can discuss which option is best for you as well. I realize we have a lot of ‘online’ resources, however I’ve been there and this is my life – my goal is to work with others in creating a healthier lifestlye and to help find the tools to create the life they want. I love travel and spas and have the tools, expertise and contacts to assist you. (Note: In some cases the spa advisors will contact you regarding your spa services or you will have the opportunity to speak with them directly when you’re ready to pre-book your services.)

My goal is to be sure you know there are locations out there that can help you reach your goals and then find the best value for your dates and I always love to reconnect when my clients return – it’s so rewarding to hear about your positive outcomes.

2. Last Minute vs. Booking Early: Yes, sometimes there are last minute promotions, however more often than not space is a challenge or spa service times are limited and you could end up with a relaxing 10a massage instead of the 8p time you prefer so you can have a more restful sleep. Booking early assures you more time to set up what you prefer to do on your spa adventure and if another promotion comes out then we can look over the best option and adjust if necessary. Also, this is your health and well being, so invest in the time to plan what you need to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. And the best part is that most of the spas only require a 2-night deposit with the balance due when you leave.

3. Off peak vs. peak: The hotter it is the cooler the cost! So is the case with some of the top destination spas in the country, which happen to be located in the southwest. The rates go down in the summer while the rates in the north/northeast go up in the summer. It all stands to reason that weather does play a part in vacation costs, we know that. However, what if you could save nearly 50% and go to the spa of your dreams? I would say it’s worth looking into…’s when I do most of my traveling. I love the sultry nights of summer in the southwest and sipping a cool mango iced tea under the shade of palm trees. Fitness classes such as Pilates, Yoga and cardio are inside. You can cool off in the refreshing pool (usually under misters). The spa is indoors (except for a couple of outdoor treatment rooms) and you have the option of indoor or outdoor dining. If you want to hike, jog, walk, bike or enjoy other outdoor activities you’ll want to get out in the early morning or early evening. Also, midweek vs weekend at some resorts offer lower rates.

4. Friends and Family: Have you thought about traveling with other friends or your family (you can get your own room if you don’t want to share with Aunt Edna from Edison), however if you have always wanted to go to a spa to kickoff a healthier lifestyle or reconnect with old friends and family, a spa vacation may be the answer and when you go with 8 or more you’ll save a bundle (sometimes if 5 or 6 go I can offer a savings). And, you can all do your own thing and reconnect at meal time to discuss the highlights of your day.

5. Loyalty: Some locations offer return guest promotions and I never forget a client so I’m always happy to hear from those of you who call me annually (or more often) and enjoy offering you value-added benefits when I can.

6. Airfare: Airfare isn’t included in any of the spa vacations and is purchased separately. However, if you need assistance searching for the best fare and flights all you have to do is let me know and I’ll take a look for you and won’t charge you any fees (airlines don’t pay a commission, however I’d be happy to assist you if needed).

7. Getting to the Spa: Transfers are included in the cost at most of the destination spas, however there are some where the distance is further and therefore transfers are not included. Don’t despair – I know who to call and can assist you with that as well. Since I know the locations as well as the spas, I can give you other options to make your traveling as stress free as possible.

8. Flexibility: If you’re flexible with your dates and room accommodation choices then chances are that you may be able to save even more.

9. Budget: If you have a budget in mind, share it with me and I can let you know which destination spas can meet your budget and the goals you have in mind for your spa journey.

10. Tax, service, oh my: Keep in mind that you may see a special rate on the spa’s website and then when you get the total you’ll wonder “what happened to that $399 per night rate and why are you higher” – well, the answer is that I’m not higher…..I present the rate with the tax & service in the total so that you know the bottom line and then I include a note that the rate is based on the $399 (example) promotion PLUS the % for tax/service.
In some cases the combination of tax/service is nearly 30% so please review all information before making a decision. And, to keep it positive, that means that there is no tipping while you’re at the spa (exception would be the spas that don’t pre-collect a service fee).

I hope you found this helpful and I look forward to assisting you with creating a healthier lifestyle and the life of your dreams! – Donna

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