Ingrid Millet Paris expands luxurious skincare products in the U.S.

I recently had an opportunity to experience Ingrid Millet Paris skin care products at home, however my first experience of these amazing products was at the Peter Island Resort and Spa a couple of years ago.  The spa director had the most beautiful and luminous skin and when we chatted about her secret, she mentioned using Ingrid Millet products for years both personally and at the spa and that led me to confirming a facial immediately.  Knowing that one facial would just be the start to healthier skin, I also knew that I would have that glow post facial and that would be gratifying.

History First
The very first Ingrid Millet Institute opened in 1966 and offered a holistic approach to skin diagnosis, a personalized regime and home-use products.  Several years later in 1972, Ingrid discovered the benefits of caviar and the aging process, which led to the Perle de Caviar line.
Her pioneering work led to the discovery of  how plant cellular extracts have a rejuvenating effect on the skin and she was the first to use them in cosmetics.

The Products

I’ve been using several products, however, two that I’m highlighting today from the Perle de Caviar line include Fluide Velours – Rich Moisture Cream and Hydro-Serum – Rich Moisture Serum.
These products are light, however so luxurious.  I used them in tandem and noticed results more quickly than with other products that I’ve used.  My skin was dryer than usual since moving further north and the most noticeable benefit was hydration.  My skin appeared brighter as well and I’m sure that’s from being hydrated with more concentrated ingredients and most likely from the Serum due to the higher percentage of the Caviar Complex.  I’m still using the Rich Moisture Cream as it has lasted longer than I anticipated, which is great.  My skin also feels smoother and noticeably firmer.
Active Ingredients:
Fluide Velours – 7% Caviar Complex and 1% Marine Collagen
Serum – 12% Caviar Complex, 31.5% Hydro Captive Complex, 2% Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid*

Pricing and Availability:

Both products are priced higher than most other skin products on the market and they also lasted longer than other products I’ve used and for that reason and for the benefits I mentioned above I would consider looking into a spa offering Ingrid Millet facials or products in your area for more information.

Where can I find Ingrid Millet products or facial services in the U.S.?

There are several spas currently using Ingrid Millet Paris products including
TIBA NU in Nashville, TN
Centre d’Esthetique in New York City
The Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique
Phone 301-776-6948

Next Time:

I recently began using Cristal Eye Gel (Anti-Wrinkle for the Eyes), which is also from the Perle de Caviar line and it’s too soon to report on my personal findings on this product as well as the Caviaressence Relaxing Anti-Wrinkle Cream.   More details on both of these in the near future.

Photo credit: Ingrid Millet USA

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