Annual Holiday Gift Guide by Mindful Adventures

We love creating this Annual Holiday Gift Guide (truly!).

If you’re also looking to be mindful about the gifts you choose for your friends and family then my hope is that you’ll be inspired by our curated items for 2021 and beyond.

Bookmark this page (or visit often) as we’ll continue to add more items as they cross our path.

Let’s get started …


MudLove Bracelets and more

Have you heard about MudLove?

This amazing ‘do good’ company made our list last year and this year you’ll find even more items to gift.

These are mindful and meaningful holiday gifts that give back! From bracelets to mugs and beyond with a positive message.

What’s your word for 2022? You can create your very own bracelet or mug with your personal word on it.

They’re so affordable you may want to stock up on some of your own.

Visit MudLove for a number of affordable and creative ideas.

Buddha Board

This is likely one of the most ‘Zen’ items on our list.

There are three options – the original Buddha Board, which sits on the notches in the provided tray and comes with a traditional bamboo brush. The enso is a little smaller and portable and it comes with a water brush. Then, there’s the mini Buddha Board and I personally love this one for traveling and for my desk. All of these are thoughtful gifts.

There are days when being mindful is difficult and these are so helpful in getting back to now.

Visit Buddha Board to order.


Holiday Gift Guide
Color Up Holiday Kits

Color-Up Holiday Kits present a good value and great for wellness gifts. And you don’t have to live in Hollywood to have a little Tinsel in your life. This Tinsel Time Trio Kit is a great option for gift giving.

This Holiday Kit includes the new Butter Up Body Cream, the Rehab Bath Bomb and Pure Daily CBN oil CBN is for sleep so if looking for a gift for a tired friend (or yourself) then this could be a good option.

Visit Color Up Holiday Kits for Tinsel Time and others.

Drifting Wonders

Photo: Drifting Wonders

These are beautiful and one of a kind. The artist, Cassidy, collects the driftwood and creates these unique sun catchers. In addition to this item, there are handcrafted mugs and other unique gifts. Works can be found via Instagram.

Rescue Your Health by Dr. Martin Singh

Dr. Singh’s new book, “Rescue Your Health,” helps readers understand their health risks so they can take steps before diseases or health conditions impact their physical health, emotional well-being, and quality of life.

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Personally, I think that having these steps laid out makes it easier for us to optimize our health and longevity and ‘rescue’ brain, immune, hormone, cardiovascular, and other health systems to live longer, younger, healthier, and happier each day.


Wellness in a glass!
We know the importance of staying hydrated and certainly learned more about our immune system over the last (nearly) two years.

This is a new hydration + immunity drink mix brand and they certainly captured my attention. Packed with with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals and they taste great (loving the Jamaica Hibiscus).

A great stocking stuffer!
Visit Taste Salud to grab your on-the-go stick packs.

Affirmicious Zodiac Card Decks

This gift from Affirmicious will bring positive vibes so you may want to grab one for yourself. I have the Scorpio deck, which I love, of course.

Each deck highlights the personality of a specific Zodiac sign and offers positive affirmations as a reminder to help change your thoughts.

The decks include 100 personalized affirmation cards for your sign, they’re based on unique traits, needs and the energy of each Zodiac Sign.

For example, one of my favorites (since I tend to take on too much – you know what I mean, fellow Scorpios!) from the Scorpio deck is: When I am overwhelmed with negativity, I will grant myself the time to process what I am feeling.

Each deck also reinforces and emphasizes your positive traits, helps put an end to negative self-talk, and they’re available for all 12 Zodiac signs.

So, I must ask………What’s your sign?

In addition to the card decks, Affirmicious also sells an Affirmation Day Planner, Handbook, and Audio Album.

Big Vision Arts

One of my favorite artists, Pamela Becker (owner of Big Vision Arts located in Sedona), recently introduced new art called Copper Sedona – unique, beautiful, and inspiring.

Visit Big Vision Arts to see all available fine art art items.

Wanderlust 2022

We can all agree that it’s been another out of the ordinary year and yet travel was up from 2020.

Let’s look forward to a new year of wanderlust and adventure. Have you updated your bucket list?

One of my bucket list journeys came true this year (surprisingly) as I experienced Costa Rica. One of the most beautiful destinations and highly recommended.

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Read more about the following resorts in the article above.

The Retreat Costa Rica – wellness resort on a white quartz mountain.
El Silencio Lodge and Spa – hiking, spa, and so much more.
Finca Rosa Blanca – do you like coffee? This is a Coffee Plantation and Inn and has a great vibe!

As always, feel free to contact me directly about these wellness resorts.

Thank you for reviewing our 2021 Mindful Holiday Gift Guide. Check back here as we’ll continue adding more items and wellness destinations.

Best wishes for a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with Joy, Prosperity & many Mindful Adventures!

Donna xo

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