Health News: Chef and Entrepreneur Dina Lauro Launches Dina’s Organic Foods

Holiday snacking and gifting is guilt-free this season with the launch of Dina’s Organic Foods from Chef and Entrepreneur Dina Lauro. Known as the Founder of Chunkie Dunkies, Lauro adds Dina’s Organic Foods to her line of healthy desserts and snacks. Available in three flavors – Carrot Cake Bar, Mint Chocolate Bar and Pumpkin Walnut Bar – the bars are not only new, they are 100-percent-certified organic.

“When you taste one of the bars from Dina’s Organic Foods, be prepared for a whole new experience. Because of the combination of pure ingredients in just the right amounts, you will want to savor every bite,” says Dina’s Organic Foods and Chunkie Dunkies Owner Dina Lauro. “The one-of-a-kind nutrition bars have crunchy texture on the outside, just enough moisture on the inside, satisfy a sweet tooth, and are made with 100-percent-certified organic ingredients.”

Lauro, who makes the bars personally in her commercial kitchen in West Palm Beach, FL., explains they are made with “live food” ingredients that are balanced well. She suggests eating them any time of day – breakfast, mid-morning snack, after a meal, to boost energy, or to curb cravings between meals. Lauro describes the unique characteristics of each bar:

Carrot Cake Bar
– “The taste of crisp walnuts, juicy carrots, autumn spices and the perfect amount of pure maple syrup will immediately relax your mind and have your taste buds dancing.”

Mint Chocolate Bar
(pictured above) – “If you are a chocolate and mint lover like myself, you have a new BFF. This guilt-free bar is crunchy, chocolatey and minty inside and out. With a nutrient-dense base of sprouted buckwheat groats, raw almonds and coconut, you’ll be amazed how it satisfies your cravings.”

Pumpkin Walnut Bar – “Moist all around and full of fresh pumpkin. Including raw walnuts, maple syrup and heavenly spices, this will become your breakfast bar. Get your fiber needs for the day with this bar.”
They had me at chocolate mint!

Customers are already sharing the love for the just-launched bars from Dina’s Organic Foods:
“Amazing flavor and texture! I have tried many healthy bars, and this is by far the most delicious! I love the fact that is vegan, gluten-free and sugar free, too. Yum!” – Pamela S.
“Dina is the bomb! You have nailed it with everything you make. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it over and over; simply amazing treats. So satisfying and beyond delicious.” – Chris J.

For holiday gifting or keeping for yourself, Dina’s Organic Foods are available on and at several resorts including The Breakers, Hilton West Palm, Marriott Boca Raton and Hippocrates Health Institute. They’re also available in stores around the country. Lauro advises, “If you don’t see Dina’s Organic Foods and Chunkie Dunkies in your favorite stores, request them!”

About Dina Lauro, Chunkie Dunkies, and Dina’s Organic Foods – Dina Lauro founded Chunkie Dunkies in 2011 and Dina’s Organic Foods in 2017.  After graduating Chef School at The Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan, Lauro desired a deeper education in nutrition. She enrolled in the Hippocrates Health Educator Program in West Palm Beach, FL. and received the knowledge she sought, which led to the development of Lauro’s first line of healthy desserts and snacks, Chunkie Dunkies. Lauro’s foods are raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free, Paleo, Kosher certified and 100-percent-certified organic. More details may be found on

Photo: Dina’s Organic Foods

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