Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope-Interview with Author Susan Apollon

In my recent interview with Susan Apollon, author of both Book 1 and Book 2 of Touched by the Extraordinary, we discussed Signs from our Loved Ones, Spiritual Healing, The Law of Attraction, Healing from Grief and Trauma and so much more.  Susan’s voice is comforting and her stories are uplifting and inspirational.

My interest in speaking with Susan for both Book 1 and now Book 2 is also personal and this interview was timely as well.  I was first introduced to Touched by the Extraordinary in 2006 shortly after the passing of my husband and because it was so timely, I felt that it was a sign  that it appeared when it did. And, here we are five years later at the 5th anniversary of my personal loss.  I believe in  signs and have witnessed several over the years, and so this interview  is special to me and my hope is that it will be timely for you as well.

Early in our discussion, you’ll hear us discuss ‘Signs’ and according to Ms. Apollon,  “Many of us love to have those moments.  The reason for this, I believe, is that these times are validations that there is so much more to life than what you can see, touch or feel and that life may not end with the death of the body.  Their very occurrences indicate to us that we are not alone, that when we ask for help, we are heard and that we are dearly loved.”

Whether you have recently lost a loved one or are going through a time of healing, I believe that you will feel a sense of hope and love as you listen to our conversation.  That is my hope and that is my intention as I post this podcast for you.  Please share it with others to help them in their personal journey.

Listen to my interview with Susan Apollon

Thank you for listening to our podcasts on MindfulAdventures.com.  Listen to this one as often as you need to and let Susan’s compassionate voice and wisdom help you in your personal healing.

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