Have you Meditated today?

Have you meditated today?

Not too long ago I was more consistent with my meditation practice due to ‘Getting into the Vortex’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  Fifteen minutes in the morning – that’s all I was required to give of my day and then I let other tasks take over and found myself saying, “I’ll do it later.” And, well, you know….later never came.   It’s like going to the gym on those hectic days; we think we’ll go ‘later’ and then something else comes up and that’s life.

I noticed that my lack of meditating led to an imbalance in my thoughts, which became a reflection of my outer world and physical being.  It’s like the door to chaos reopened.  That feeling permeates in everything and yet there’s an awareness and acceptance that has led me back to my meditation practice and maybe that’s one of the benefits – to realize that when things go awry you can do something about it with a knowing that we can create a new reflection of balance in our life and when that happens we can manifest more of what we desire vs. what we don’t want in our life.

And this morning I remembered how much meditating was benefiting me.

That calm feeling.   Thoughts of clarity.  And more focus and energy to get me through the day.  How could I neglect something that promoted such a positive influence?  So that was the question I woke up with this morning and I made a decision to commit once again.  That’s the reason for this post today.  If you give meditation a chance you’ll see the benefits as well and find that ‘balancing rhythm’ that Esther Hicks and Abraham refer to.
Chances are that if you stop by Mindful Adventures often then you probably are already meditating and that’s great as research shows that there is an increase in those who meditate.

All you need is 10-15 minutes each day and the morning is best as you can set your positive intention for the day and you’ll feel a sense of peacefulness and clarity during your meditation that will continue once you’re done.

If you’re new to meditation:

– Set aside 15 minutes in the morning before you get into your day
– Find a comfortable position, relax and close your eyes
– A guided meditation CD is best for beginners and one that I like is Getting in the Vortex by Jerry & Esther Hicks

– Focus on your breathing – this is important and a guided meditation will help you
– As you continue with your meditation practice you may find that you’d like to add beads/prayer beads to help you focus
– Thoughts may come and go and it’s best to acknowledge them and release them
– Relax and release any resistance you may feel  – let the guided meditation lead you to a renewed state of being

More info:

According to the latest research, meditation has been linked to changes in blood pressure, metabolism, brain activation and other bodily processes.  It has been shown to help with pain reduction and stress relief.  Two of the major benefits most of us seek along with that feeling of inner peace.
Are you ready to experience the benefits of meditation?  I hope you’ll consider adding this practice to your day and hope even more that you’ll come to feel inner peace, clarity and balance.

Recommended Guided Meditation CD:

Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide

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