Have You Laughed Today?

We’ve all heard the saying that “laughter is the best medicine,” and we can pretty much agree that we feel better when we laugh.  Afterall, it’s pretty difficult to be upset and angry when you’re laughing!  We feel lighter and laughing everyday is something we can do for our health.  It helps relieve tension and uplifts us.  And, while I’d love to be at my favorite spa or traveling; laughter and doing something to make me smile is the next best way to just ‘let go.’   I’m sure you can add to the many other reasons why laughter is beneficial to your own well-being.

As I was finding myself in need of a laugh today to help manage some of the stress I was carrying around, I took a few minutes and looked over one of my favorite sites.  SimpleTruths.com offers inspirational books and DVDs to uplift and inspire and while looking today I came across a cute little book that comes with a short movie/DVD and beautiful music.

It’s called ‘Laugher is an Instant Vacation’ and it is quite cute, so if you want to take a minute, give yourself the gift of laughter and enjoy a few moments ‘away’ on your own instant vacation!

A laugh a day (or several laughs) can be beneficial.  Have you laughed yet?

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