Have you heard about the BFF promo at Miraval Arizona?

Are you ready to go to Miraval with your best friend?  Now is the time as this is a short term promotion that offers a savings for both of you.
Promo:  The first person pays the single occupancy rate and the second person pays 50% of that rate.

The total rate is then split equally so both friends pay the same.
This offer is available for stays through May 17, 2012 and based on availability.

It is also based on the Deluxe room or higher and other terms apply.  There’s a lot more information at this link – check out the full details.
While at Miraval, consider some of my favorite activities like Reflect and Transcend with Coach Leigh; Cultivating Resilience with Anne Parker and any of Tejpal’s classes.   I actually love all of the Experts at Miraval…and the food…and the classes and well, I could go on, however this is about you going with your best friend.

For services, have you tried Spirit Flight?  How about Taiz Sensorium?  Two highly sought after services at Miraval that require pre-booking.

Questions?  Send me a note as I’m happy to offer my insight.
See you at Miraval.

Photo credit: Miraval Resorts

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