Happy Mother's Day from Mindful Adventures!

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d post a few links to a few beautiful songs.   Music is healing, music helps us to connect, music lives on forever and can touch our heart in a way that nothing else can.  It can bring us up, it can calm us down, it can inspire us and move us in so many ways.
If you’re still thinking of what to get your Mom for Mother’s Day, perhaps the gift of music or even sharing these songs will touch her heart.

1.  A Mother’s Prayer by Rachel Aldous

2. Mother’s Day – I wasn’t able to find the artist at this link, however it’s another
wonderful song

3. Lullaby by Creed

Also, did you know that the idea of Mother’s Day dates back to 1868?   Click here for more on the history.
Feel free to include a comment here for your mom – no matter where she is you’re always connected.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo credit: ©Donna Adinolfi Copyright 2010-2011.

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