Hands-on cooking at Rancho la Puerta’s La Cocina.

If you’ve been following my blog, reading the articles and visiting other areas on MindfulAdventures.com then you know how I feel about destination spas and wellness.   I also enjoy assisting/coaching others in finding the destination spa that’s best for their needs, whether they’re looking to jump start (or start) fitness, go hiking, meditate and more importantly nutrition.  The bigger goal though is to help others integrate what they learned while away into their lifestyle at home.

One of the destination spas that I enjoy sharing with others is Rancho la Puerta in Tecate, Mexico.  You’ve seen some other recent posts here based on my latest adventure to the Ranch and I’m so grateful to have spent time at La Cocina que Canta.  This is the Cooking School and Culinary Center at the Ranch and offers a sensory experience, which is nothing short of amazing.

For many, this could also be a life changing experience.   I lost my husband due to complications of diabetes and although I did my best at the time with cooking healthy, this could have been (and I’d like to say would have been), a stronger catalyst for both of us to experience together.   I wouldn’t call him a foodie, however we loved watching the Food Network and participating in a workshop with someone like Rick Bayless would have been memorable.

Getting back to the present and another Mindful Adventure brings me to my La Cucina experience.  Chef Tanya Holland of Brown Sugar Kitchen was our visiting teacher and everything from the moment we gathered for our short ride to La Cucina to the organic garden tour to the main event of cooking and enjoying the fruits of our labor was an experience I’ll never forget and one I hope to enjoy often.

Our group (full at 16) that day had such a great time together and when I close my eyes I can smell the fragrant garden and just taste the sweetness of the just-picked tomatoes and herbs.  I learned a lot that day, including how to properly chop chives (thank you Chef!).

This quote comes to mind:

“Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help in its work.  The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.  Our food should be our medicine.  Our medicine should be our food.  But to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.”  – Hippocrates

I’d also like to mention how beautiful La Cucina is as the colorful hand-painted tiles and murals, the wrought iron gate and fireplaces set the mood for the class and the teaching kitchen is something that I think any of us would love to have in our own home.

Enjoy your journey!

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