Grand Velas Los Cabos Hosting 2019 Wellnessing Getaway from Jan. 24 – 26

Will this be your first Mindful Adventure of 2019?
I’m excited about this announcement from Grand Velas Los Cabos. Their 2019 Wellnessing Getaway will be held from Jan. 24 – 26 and will feature industry leaders, healthy cooking and nutrition workshops, tools for practical meditation, yoga and fitness classes, and other mindful wellness activities.

Wellness expert, yoga teacher, vegan-trained chef, and best-selling author Nikki Sharp will kick off the retreat with a Vinyasa Flow Class before hosting an Interactive Cooking Class to create vegan sushi and her renowned Bliss Balls. A meditation teacher, author and director of the Institute for Transformational Thinking, Benjamin Decker will lead workshops to learn to apply Practical Meditation Techniques to enhance every area of one’s life from relationships to work, and creativity to spirituality. Endorsed by New York Times’ Bestselling Authors Marianne Williamson (A Return To Love) and Sharon Salzberg (Real Happiness), his first book, Practical Meditation For Beginners, will be available in the resort’s Wellness Suites henceforward. Yoga teacher and nutritionist Karla Tafra will guide a Barre class that tones and strengthens the body with ballet barre moves while at the same time working on the core and balance.

Additionally, she’ll host a Nutrition Workshop on Superfoods, Microbiome & Essential Oils, teaching easy ways to cleanse one’s body, replenish the gut with healthy bacteria and nourish it with vitamins, minerals and much needed nutrients.

Other activities on tap include an Aromatherapy Class, meditation with sound therapy, juicing session, energy cleanse, wellness dinner and more. All special Wellness Week activities are included complimentary in the resort’s nightly rate.

In addition to wellness activities available at each resort, travelers seeking an all-encompassing wellness retreat can opt to stay in one of the resorts duplex wellness suites. Velas’ Wellness Suites offer a plethora of fitness and wellness amenities, including:
MUSE brain sensing headband to aid in meditation practices;
Personal Spa Concierge to provide counsel on a wide-variety of available spa treatments and health offerings at the resorts;
Artisanal soap selection;
Healthy gluten free snacks and daily juice options;
In-suite exercise kit comprised of a yoga mat, dumbbells, resistance bands, and even an exercise bike;
Water menu with a selection from still and sparkling to Coconut and Alkaline;
Organic skin care products from the spa;
Aromatherapy Kit with scents ranging from cedar and lavender to tangerine and myrrh; Nikken Kenko™ pillow and comforter; and,
LED Lamp with a clock and timer that increases gradually, simulating the dawn and dusk, which helps guests fall asleep and wake up more naturally.

About the Experts:

Benjamin W. Decker, is a social activist, meditation teacher and entrepreneur. His love for meditation & the spiritual teachings of ancient traditions goes back to childhood. Ben has shared his love of meditation with thousands. His work is universal, well-rounded and rooted in ancient wisdom & modern pragmatism. Ben is a founding Meditation Teacher at the most prominent meditation studios in Los Angeles. In fall of 2016, he launched his first online meditation offering on the Unplug Meditation Guided Meditation App. Endorsed by New York Times Bestselling Authors Marianne Williamson (A Return To Love) and Sharon Salzberg (Real Happiness), his first book, Practical Meditation For Beginners, was released in 2018. Ever the idealist and enthusiastic learner, this enthusiasm for meditation has won him praise by Conscious Lifestyle Magazine as “one of the world’s leading meditation teachers,” and Well + Good as a “superstar meditation instructor.”
Nikki Sharp is a wellness expert and best-selling author of two books published by Random House: Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss and The 5-Day Real Food Detox. She is also a holistic health coach, yoga instructor, and vegan chef. What began as studying nutrition to overcome two eating disorders has led Nikki to helping hundreds of thousands around the world through her website and social media accounts. Sharp has been featured in Shape, Elle, Women’s Fitness, Men’s Health, along with Good Day LA, KTLA, Access Hollywood Live and Fox News, among many other magazines and TV shows.
Karla Tafra is a yoga teacher, nutritionist, content creator and social media influencer from Croatia, but currently residing in Seattle, USA. She loves working with anyone and everyone who wants to improve the quality of their lives, and help them achieve their goals. Her whole philosophy revolves around a well-rounded wellness approach, as she believe nothing can be achieved with only one factor.

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