Global Love to Haiti

Global Love to Haiti
It’s just over two weeks since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti.  Global aid efforts continue to help, however this is a critical stage for the people of Haiti.  There is still a need for medical attention, food, water and shelter.

Although Haiti is starting to show signs of recovery, fundraising and donation efforts are still in force to help the people of Haiti.   To help keep outreach efforts in the news, included below is an update from companies offering aid from the travel and spa industry.   And, although the list is long, thankfully, these are just a few of the companies providing aid to Haiti and more can be found via the links included in this posting, such as this Travel Weekly Web update.

Travel Industry:
Southwest Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Virgin Atlantic, Marriott Foundation, United States Virgin Islands Hotel and Tourism Association, Auto Europe and countless others have sent donations and created events to support one of the largst global humanitarian relief efforts and there is still a long road ahead for Haiti.
Spa Industry:
Many other travel and spa industry companies are looking at ways to assist.  One of them,  Spa Shiki at the Lodge of Four Seasons, is donating 10 percent of all online retail sales to the American Red Cross’s Haiti Relief & Development Fund.   (Retail products purchased through the spa’s website qualify.)

Note:  Spa Shiki’s marketing partner CatchPhrase Communications is matching the spa’s donation to these relief efforts.

In addition, others in the spa and massage industry are creating events and fundraisers to continue the much needed momentum of aid. One event coming up is Massage for Haiti, which will be held on Friday, Feb. 12 (12noon-8p.m.) at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York City.
Skin, Inc. also has information online regarding spas supporting relief for Haiti.

Thank you to all in the Spa and Travel Industry.

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