Get Ready for Summer at Canyon Ranch with this Special Lower Rate!

We’re nearly a month away from the start of summer.  Families may have their summer camps all set for their children and thoughts of road trips and family getaways on the calendar.  That all sounds great and maybe you’re also looking for a week away to focus on fitness, relaxation, yoga, meditation and a place to unwind either on your own, with your friends or significant other.

With that thought in mind, I’ll keep this post short and let you in on a special 2012 week at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ where you can do all of that and so much more.

Looking to work on improving your golf game?  Check!
Looking to improve your Pilates practice?  Check!
Looking to just unwind and say Ahh!? Check!
Looking to start a new activity like Tennis?  Check!
Nutrition, Weight loss, stress management, better relationships, and the list goes on.

My personal experiences at Canyon Ranch have been profound and that’s one of the reasons I’m bringing this special reduced rate to my readers.  It’s for the week of June 10 so it’s approaching soon and just in time for summer!  If you’ve been wanting to experience Canyon Ranch, this is a great time to do so.

Photo credit: Canyon Ranch

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