Yoga & Meditation

This is one of the top interests of most wellness & spa retreaters. There are many health benefits including relaxation, stress reduction, flexibility, and balance. The good news is that there are a number of guided yoga and meditation classes to choose from at wellness resorts. If you’re a first-timer then you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn and practice.

Here are some ideas.

Miraval Resorts
Miraval offers one of the best yoga programs with Aerial Yoga, Aroma Flow (with essential oils), Boga Yoga and so many more options. There are a number of classes offered all day every day and September is Yoga Month so even more opportunities to get in the flow.

Vera Via, Carlsbad, CA
Since Vera Via offers a structured and personalized program you won’t see a high number of yoga classes offered throughout the day. Instead, you’ll get a Yoga or Guided Meditation class as part of your schedule along with a number of other sessions.

Canyon Ranch Resorts
All locations – Tucson, Lenox, and Woodside – offer yoga and meditation programming. You can choose to do yoga all day with about 6 or so classes per day (and private sessions, which are great if you’re just getting started). Take a guided meditation class or perhaps you’ll want to do a private session.

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