Stress Management

So this is huge, right?! Stress leads to a number of ailments – I’m dealing with one now – and know that it needs to be managed because I don’t believe that stress can be avoided, especially the good stress – and hey, I’m okay with that.

Traveling is an antidote for stress – once you arrive, of course. And there are a number of ways that wellness resorts help us with stress management. Yoga, meditation, fitness, cooking, and many of the other experiences here can help with stress and there are more – there are classes and private sessions and talking with someone that is qualified to help is always a good idea.

Labyrinth - Stress Management
Walk the Labyrinth at Miraval Arizona

Here are some ideas.

Miraval Resorts – Tucson, AZ and Austin, TX
I go back to some of the same wellness resorts because of their programming. They offer so much and many of the activities like yoga, meditation, and walking the labyrinth help with stress management. But, there’s more. Mindful Stress Mastery is one of the classes that helps us to change our relationship with stress. Loving Kindness Meditation, Gratitude Meditation, and other guided meditations are extremely helpful. Bring these tools home and continue on your path to wellness (and less stress!).
In addition, you can pre-book a private Stress Reduction session and take that opportunity to go deeper and find out what is causing the stress and ways to manage it. And….don’t forget to experience spa services. Massage is another great opportunity to reduce stress.

The BodyHoliday, St. Lucia
You’ve probably heard their slogan, “Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind.” It’s something I often think about.

The BodyHoliday offers theme weeks and specialty retreats, however, the beauty of The BodyHoliday is that you can create your own journey and include healthy meals with their Ayurvedic influence and offerings, fitness & beach activities, relaxation at the spa (or reading a book at the beach), and their BodyScience Clinic, which delves deeper into optimal health. All of this and more helps with stress management.

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