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Nature offers many healing benefits, as we all know, and perhaps we don’t get outdoors as often as possible. That’s what I love about wellness retreats – they offer an opportunity to take the time to get away letting us immerse our body, mind, and spirit in nature via hiking, or one of a number of other activities – maybe even something you never thought you’d do.

Here are some ideas.

The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, PA
This all-inclusive wellness resort has received many accolades over the years and while it’s a great location during the summer and fall months, the Lodge is open year-round.  From kayaking and forest bathing during the warmer months to snowshoeing in winter.

There are many opportunities to hike/walk at Woodloch. Look up at the stars during the Nocturnal Walk (and look down for wildlife). The Spring Ridge Hike will take you through the Oak Forest – a great place to see blueberry bushes and beautiful scenery. Breathe In!

Rancho la Puerta, Tecate, Mexico

Rancho la Puerta offers an abundance of fitness classes, hiking opportunities for the beginner to advanced, cooking demos, lectures and plenty of options for pampering in their health centers, too.

Consider the Intention Meditation Walk if you’re looking for some quiet time to reflect and immerse yourself in nature. If you’re looking for something more extreme aka longer…then the Mountain HIke: Mt. Kuchumaa Extreme Breakfast might be for you (7.5 miles).

Don’t miss the Organic Breakfast Hike – it’s another personal favorite. “

Donna Adinolfi

Canyon Ranch Resorts
Canyon Ranch offers a number of biking and hiking activities. According to Randy Kinkade, Outdoor Sports Manager, it’s important to remember three things when choosing the level of activity: distance, elevation gain, and pace. If one doesn’t understand the connection that all three play in their choice they will be at best uncomfortable and at worst unsafe. Even though being in the beauty of nature is a major reason to go out, Canyon Ranch focuses on fitness.

Did you know you could pre-book a private hike to Saguaro National Park or Sabino Canyon while at Canyon Ranch Tucson? Perhaps you’ll tap into your creativity with the Sketch & Paint the Sonoran Desert.
For more insight about outdoor activities:
Check out my interview with Randy Kinkade, the Outdoor Sports Manager at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ.

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