Creativity & Mindfulness

Do you want to tap into your creativity – maybe even your inner child – and do something you may never have done before? Painting, jewelry making, photography, and the list goes on. Creative opportunities offer us a time to practice mindfulness and stay present as we go ‘in flow’ to see what we can create.

Here are some ideas.

Rancho la Puerta, Tecate, Mexico

Be sure to visit the Art Studio. If you’re a beginner – no problem – and if you’re a pro then you’ll love this space, too.

There are all kinds of classes like sculpting, jewelry making, and painting. One of my favorite classes is the Prayer Arrow class and this is typically offered in the Main Lounge. Tim Hinchliff has been offering this class at Rancho for years and he brings all of the supplies including the sticks, colorful yarns, crystals, to items he’s collected from nature like feathers and dried herbs.

Canyon Ranch Resorts
Creative Expression classes include painting, eco-arts, fabric arts, jewelry making, and meditative art and poetry. Maybe you’ll go to the painting class and perhaps it won’t be a work of art (like mine to the left here), but it will remind you to try new things and immerse yourself in the activity vs the outcome. I actually purchased paper, brushes, and paint after my last journey to Canyon Ranch.
Tap into your creativity with the Sketch & Paint the Sonoran Desert.

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