Eating Healthier and Stressing Less: Five Tips from Dr. Lauze Volk

The Holiday Season is upon us and it can be a stressful time for many of us, especially when food and weight loss goals are top of mind.

Dr. Lauze Volk has been practicing medicine since 1998 and also owns Libelle Aesthetics & Weight Loss Center in Lexington, Kentucky.   She shared her Five Tips for Eating Healthier and Stressing Less based on a number of questions from her patients and they may be just what you need to stay on track with your goals for the rest of this year (and beyond!).

1.    Know your goal.

Do you want to lower your cholesterol, fit into your favorite jeans by 2017 or simply feel better?  Knowing your goal gives perspective and creates accountability. When you reach your goal (or make steps forward), take a moment to pause and celebrate.

2.    Don’t stress about eating healthy.

It’s OK to have cheat days. “I don’t diet, but I make healthy choices,” explains Dr. Volk. “I eat pretty much everything I want, but in smaller portions. For example, I love fries, but I’ll only eat a few, not the whole carton. If you go overboard one day, shake it off and approach the next day with a guilt-free stance.”

3.    Create a healthy balance by avoiding “family style.”

You are likely to eat more than you would like if you place large portions on your plate. “My children don’t eat healthy, but I offer salads and healthy options so they become familiar with adding them into their lifestyle. I have found baby carrots to be a great vegetable option that kids tend to like,” adds Dr. Volk.

4.    Road Warrior?

It can be challenging to eat healthy while traveling. Dr. Volk suggests packing bags of snacks that can easily be thrown into your bag or purse. Nuts, apple slices, grapes, string cheese, and nutrition bars travel well and are smart choices.

5.    Remember, each day is different.

Don’t ruin your current day by thinking about yesterday. Dr. Volk suggests, “You don’t need yesterday; today, you will try to be better. Eating healthy is a constant battle, the process and goals are what you have to keep in mind. Instead of stressing or feeling guilty, go for a walk!”

More about Dr. Volk:

Dr. Volk opened Libelle Aesthetics & Weight Loss Center in February 2016. The Libelle team helps patients find the appropriate individualized treatment for their aesthetics and weight management needs. The medical spa offers treatments for all skin types ranging from those to treat acne, microdermabrasion, body sculpting and laser hair reduction. For weight management, Dr. Volk oversees the hCG rapid medical weight loss program that targets problem fat around the abdomen, hips and thighs.  Visit:

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