Danielle Fryer, Fitness Director at Mii amo. Our Conversation Continues.

This is the follow-up to a previous post of my podcast with Danielle Fryer, Fitness Director of Mii amo in Sedona, AZ.   Our conversation continued after the podcast interview and in the text below I share Danielle’s answers to my other questions.

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I believe you’ll find Danielle’s insight is beneficial to you as a reader as well as anyone considering her Body Transformation retreat at Mii amo.

Our conversation continues…

DMA: Please share one or two of your ‘know how’ actions that will be revealed in your retreat:
DF: Most professionals will NOT give away all their secrets because it keeps clients coming back for more. NOT AT THE BODY ‘TRANSFORMATION RETREAT!
I will be giving away ALL my secrets and teaching the guest how to be their OWN Dietitian/Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer.
1. Knowing how to create your personalized meal plans without the constant follow up of a dietitian, nutritionist, trainer or latest fad diet book.  Know how to determine if a diet plan or fad is right for you BEFORE you even begin.  Knowing when to eat (meal timing), how often to eat (mindfulness tips and practice), and what to eat (food grouping) to maximize energy utilization and nourishment for the living cells to perform better and/or lose body fat if this is the goal. This is all defined in the workbook provided, The Mindful Clean Plate
2. Know how to create a practical plan for exercise and nutrition that is DO-ABLE with life’s circumstances (for example: how to manage food on the go + cooking for picking eaters + workouts in a busy work week while also raising 2 teenagers).
3. Know how to create and DO an effective workout by use of various fitness variance and fun! Each individual group workout will be written and provided to retreat participants. These workouts can be taken home and used with year round results.

DMA: How will guests achieve a super-fit and energized mindset?
1. Surrender
To let go of any preconceived ideas that you are not good enough as you are. Letting go of false evidence that appears real (FEAR) and recognizing that old behaviors are either fed or starved with your thoughts and reactions, but they don’t disappear. Behaviors EVOLVE with surrender! They evolve if you can accept that where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be in order to further your journey of transformation. Once this occurs, the doors open for possibilities.
2. Awareness (Mindfulness)
Awareness is the greatest agent for change. 95% of the clients I have served over the years THINK they know why they can’t lose the weight, or speed up their race time, etc. However, it is those 95% that leave my workshops saying “OOhhhh, I see my issue now.” Then, once this is established, they can focus their energy into the issue and get a different, more specific, energized result.

DMA: What are some of the tools and support that guests will experience from the retreat?

DF: Every morning we start the day with a unique, fun, and challenging workout in the weight room (modifications will be provided to suit all fitness levels).  These upbeat, playful workouts will set the tone for each day. My workouts have been described by guests as “kick butt exercise to strengthen and lengthen my body that I would have never thought would work for me, but they do! She is energetic and inspiring.” Also,  “she is a high spirit, high energy person that I look forward to working with again!”

The morning workouts will be followed by a group morning ritual in the crystal grotto. Then, we meet again before lunch for the daily two hour nutrition workshops:  These workshops are somewhat of an emotional nutrition boot camp. In this time together we will get down and dirty about what it means to cultivate “AT HOME”  support, vision, and goals for success!  We meet up again in the early EVENING for a second unique, fun, and challenging workout that is always different from the morning workout (outdoors, pool, yoga room, etc.).  Additionally, we will have a Body Transformation specific cooking demo and a Body Transformation menu feature for every single meal in the Mii amo Café. I have been working with Chef Nicole and we are really jazzed about the NEW and exciting things we will present to the group. One of the biggest highlights for me during the retreat is the ability to stay RIGHT HERE on property with my retreat guests. I want to be available to them 24-7. My door will be open for silly conversations, stargazing and deep conversations, and/or a shoulder to cry on. I want to cultivate an oasis for a body image and performance REBOOT!

DMA: And, please review other benefits of the program.
DF: Guests can expect to take home a more defined sense of what it means to transform their body. They will receive cutting edge fitness and nutrition education that is specific to their individual needs, visions, and goals. They will be encouraged and able to continue use of the materials when they go home. They can expect to take home a wealth of information that will keep them immune to the false, misleading, main stream, media fads that are marketed in order to make trillions. They can expect to receive authentic empowerment from myself and the group that will keep them energized for time to come!  They can expect to make a FAN for life…me!  I see the potential in EVERYONE I meet! I love what I do so much that the inspiration is contagious! Some of my most loved clients call me “Vitamin D” LOL!

Body Transformation Retreat Dates:

August 24 – 28
November 2 – 6
If you’d like more details about these retreat dates or 2015 dates, please email me directly at donna@mindfuladventures.com

Photo Credit: Danielle Fryer

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