Create an At-Home Wellness Retreat

Story and photos by Donna Adinolfi

We’re living in unprecedented times and as I write this most of us are under stay at home orders. Through it all there’s a feeling of connection and community as we go through this together.

Let’s create our own retreat at home while our favorite wellness resorts, and travel, is in “pause” right now.

Whether you’re a spa-goer or new to wellness travel, perhaps these suggestions will also inspire you to take a wellness journey in the future. Enjoy your at-home journey now and always. Be well!

Here we go:

1. Start Your Retreat by Setting an Intention.

It could be a mantra, prayer, or a goal for a positive and uplifting day.

A mantra that I use: I Am Present Now.
Enjoy this Chakra Balancing session with Pam Lancaster at Miraval Arizona.

2. Go outdoors.

Daily walks or hikes in your neighborhood.
Yoga on your lawn, patio, in your home.
Walk barefoot and feel the earth.

Use resistance bands inside or outdoors – check out this workout from Hilton Head Health.

3. Meditation and Spirituality

Connect with nature.

Notice and embrace your surroundings – there’s beauty everywhere.
Recite the serenity prayer.

Practice Mindfulness – notice your breath, connect with your senses, take a pause between activities.
Enjoy this meditation from Rancho la Puerta.

Insight Timer is my go-to for morning meditations or anytime during the day. I especially love their sleep stories.

4. Journaling
Use this time to write about how you’re feeling, your thoughts, your prayers, your dreams, your goals, etc. This is an unprecedented time in our lives and a time to document what your life is like.

Prompts: What are you grateful for (do this daily), Places you’d like to travel to, Your ideal relationship, Happy moments, etc.

5. Mindful Cooking

Dinner at Canyon Ranch Woodside

If you don’t cook, this is a good time to learn some new skills. Personally, I love to cook as it’s a time for creativity and mindful moments.

Enjoy these nourishing and healthy recipes from Canyon Ranch.

6. Mindful Eating

This is the time to enjoy Mindful Cooking creations.
Take note of the aromas, the colors, the taste and texture of your food, and the nourishment you’re giving your body.

When life gives us lemons, make these Lemon Quinoa Pancakes from Lake Austin Spa Resort.

7. Aromatherapy
Let Go.
Lavender oil for relaxation.
Energize with Peppermint oil.
Lemon essential oil to uplift.

What’s your favorite?
Enjoy this Sound Bath from Red Mountain Resort.

8. Movement
Walking and hiking are great and you could also add in some stretching and/or cardio. There are so many movement classes offered at wellness resorts and some that you can try at home may include riding your bike, cardio drumming (you can use a balance ball for this), dance, yoga, mat pilates – you get the idea.

Try these ‘Healthy Feet‘ exercises from Canyon Ranch.

Consider Mat Pilates with Vera Via.

9. Kitchen & Cooking Skills

Learn something new….there’s a plethora of classes on YouTube. Perhaps you want to learn how to make sauces or bake (seeing a lot of posts about baking bread). Perhaps you’d like to learn how to make a cocktail or one of these Mocktails from Miraval.

Kitchen skills from Gordon Ramsay.

10. Creative Time

Photography, coloring, drawing, painting, doodling, gardening….what will you create during your retreat?

11. Stress Management
Can you identify what triggers your stress? Wellness resorts offer opportunities to learn more about ways to manage stress.

Visit Skyterra’s gallery from a number of activities to help with stress, movement, and more.

Most of the above options will help with reducing stress, especially prayer, and meditation. Other ways to manage stress – time management, sleep, and healthy eating.

Back to nature – watching a sunset is also a stress reliever.

12. Digital Detox
Leave your phone off during your wellness retreat.
Turn off notifications (game changer).
Limit your screen time.
Put your phone to sleep at night.

13. Spa Time at Home
You were wondering if I would include spa time, right?

There are a number of ways you can create an in-home spa. Set the mood with soothing music, make a pitcher of spa water – add lemon, mint, cucumbers – whatever you have on hand. Light a candle or use your diffuser with lavender or your favorite essential oil.

Give yourself a facial – use what you have on hand for a mask, add a drop or two of eucalyptus for a steam treatment, soak your feet, consider an oil treatment for your hair, do a lip treatment, take a bath.

13. Sleep
Our sleep habits may be off right now as we may be sleeping more than usual or maybe not getting enough sleep. Above all, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep and feel rested in the morning.

Evening rituals that could help with this:
– Write in your Gratitude Journal
– Enjoy a cup of herbal tea
– A bedtime story (Insight Timer has some great options)
– Relaxing music

What do you do to relax before bedtime?
CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa offers breathing and meditation rituals.

In closing…
Do you know someone that could use an at-home spa/wellness break? Feel free to share and be well.

“It’s not only moving that creates new starting points. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities.” – Kristin Armstrong

Be well!

2 thoughts on “Create an At-Home Wellness Retreat

  1. Yes thank you this was so thoughtful but simple. Easy and simple is good!

    We are in a life reset! and we are all living it at the same time.

    ‘Be well, stay strong 💕 and visualize life as you want it to be,..give it to the universe and it is yours to have.’
    Karen Ballou
    Founder of Immunocologie
    Please stay as mentally strong as you can. Having had cancer 13 years ago, I had to stay strong and visualize being well! From that time I realized I wanted to bring wellness to our beauty and so Immunocologie was born.

    A lot of good can come out of time to think and reflect. It will be amazing for all of you!, life is a beautiful, cherish the moments 💕love to all!

    1. Hi Karen – thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.
      We’re definitely in ‘do over’ mode. A time to pause, create, and reflect.

      Stay well and stay strong!

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