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For those of you reading my blogs and articles, you may have noticed that some of them focus on change, life do overs, living in the present, etc. and in some cases it’s a reflection of my life over these last few years and also based on what is currently happening on our planet….it’s all about change and nothing stays the same.

Afterall, how dull would that be?

However, currently, there are changes we’re going through that may be more stressful, and yet some of these changes may be what spurs us into action to live a healthier and more joyful life. It’s hard to see that sometimes when you’re going through whatever ‘it’ is for you, a friend, or loved one. It just is and that’s when we have to trust that it will lend itself to the best outcome.

I’ve also written about Red Mountain Resort & Spa before as they’ve been offering affordable programs that are timely and effective, which brings me to the one coming up in October.

Joan Lunden has written several books focused on health and healthy living and she is the keynote speaker at the upcoming “Power of Change” event (organized by SpaFinder) from Oct. 18 – 21. It is a 4-day/3-night event with rates starting at $229 per person, per night. In addition to healthy meals and scheduled classes, this event will also include: One 50-Minute Swedish Massage ($100 Value), SpaFinder Kick-Off Event Life Is A Do-over with Cindy Clemens (Life Coach), and the SpaFinder Keynote Presentation Changes with Joan Lunden, Attendance at SpaFinder Book Signing Event with Joan Lunden and more.

In addition to what is offered at this event, this resort offers inspiring views of red rock cliffs and canyons and is at the base of Snow Cnayon State Park, great for hiking and exploring. I’ve also enjoyed spending time at Sagestone, their full service spa, as many of the services are unique to the area and sleep is so much better after one of their signature massages, like the Lavender Marine Bolus Massage.

There are many other programs currently being offered at Red Mountain Resort & Spa, in addition to their signature package including Zen to Zion in celebration of Zion National Park’s 100th anniversary.

An area rich in natural beauty with many opportunities for adventure!
Take a step to connect with your inner spirit and discover more about yourself. A destination spa offers an opportunity to uncover and unleash your inner spirit and be more equipped to handle life’s changes, no matter how big or small.

Note: If you do go, you can fly into St. George airport, however Las Vegas generally offers lower airfares and is about 90-minutes from the resort. There is a shuttle for $70 roundtrip per person (booked separately). Airfare and transfers are not included in the starting rate above.

To your health!

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