Carillon Miami Wellness Resort Offers Holiday & New Year Spa Services

Transform your Body, Mind and Spirit with one of the New Year inspired spa services at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort and since it’s the season of giving, you might want to consider gifting one, too.    Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is an all-suite hotel located on a private stretch of beach offering a wellness getaway and so much more.  It’s also home to Dr. Adonis Maiquez, board-certified in functional medicine and an expert on healthy aging.   Let’s take a look at their New Year services, which will be offered though January.

The New Year’s Resolutions Prequel Plan
Kick start your New Year’s resolutions by already achieving goals by the holidays, and a new year and new you by 2018.  Carillon’s expert personal trainers hold the highest degrees, accolades and certifications in the industry, and their mission is to ensure that you achieve your personal goals.  Not only will you learn technique and find your optimal strength, but you will also be emotionally and spiritually supported during your transition to a fitter and more vibrant life.
Ten 50-Minute Sessions for $800

La Côte d’Or Facial
Since the reign of Cleopatra, pure gold masks have been used to detoxify and brighten skin.  Modern pioneers of skincare are utilizing French marine biotechnology to enhance the radiance of the skin and to prolong its hydration.  This treatment combines the rich tradition of skincare with the latest scientific developments to offer a results oriented, all natural treatment crafted to leave skin instantly luminous and supple.
50 Min $240

The Golden Mother Prenatal Journey
Taoists deity, The Golden Mother, reigns as the goddess of life and immortality, and the muse for this decadent and all natural prenatal  body treatment.  Safe and soothing rose essential oils are utilized to exfoliate, massage and soothe the body. Emerge refreshed, fragrant and glowing.
80 Min $240

Carillon Grocery Guru
Make every trip to the market stress free with the companionship, wisdom and guidance of Carillon’s grocery guru. Learn which products to purchase, how to avoid unhealthy choices and simple ways to prepare healthy meals through the holidays.
$200 per Hour

The Carillon Cleanse Medical Weight Loss Program
The ability to lose weight is often affected by food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, toxin levels and stress. Carillon’s program combines the services of their Medical Director, Dr. Adonis, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist and staff of nurses, dieticians, acupuncturists, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine doctors, energy healers and more to create a bespoke weight loss program specifically suited to your individual wellness needs and preferences.
Cleanse Consultation Starts at $200

Carillon Miami – A Wellness Resort is located at 6801 Collins Avenue in Miami. The spa can be reached at: 866-276-2226

Photo: Carillon Miami Hotel


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