Canyon Ranch Lenox: Late Summer Retreat Special for Readers of Mindful Adventures

Enjoy a late summer retreat at Canyon Ranch in Lenox at this great savings for being connected with us here at Mindful Adventures.   Whether you choose to go on a solo retreat to rejuvenate and reconnect before the busy fall season arrives or go with a friend, there’s plenty to do at this top destination spa.

What’s to love?

There are so many options at Canyon Ranch and you can focus on something in particular like nutrition and weight loss or fitness and personal training, etc., or you can mix it up and create your perfect retreat.
Perhaps your morning will include Sun Salutations or the Morning Stretch.  Maybe you’ll go on the canoe and hike combo, the weather in mid-September should be just about right.    Are you finding all of the latest nutrition news confusing?  Well, there are classes to help you evaluate what’s best for you and learn more about the science behind the latest information.   Are you looking to connect with your creative side?  Take a painting class or one of the many other create options.
If you’d like to review more class options for Lenox, this link will take you to one of the upcoming schedules to get some more ideas.

Did you say Spa?
Your stay includes an allowance to use towards a number of spa and personal services.   What to choose?  Well, that’s up to you and I usually like to recommend that you review the spa list and consider what calls out to you.  For me, I like the Neuromuscular Therapy service and the Deep Tissue Massage.  Perhaps you’ll choose an Ayurvedic treatment or one of the many body rituals.  You can also set up a personal fitness session, a Nutrition session like a Life Management private session or a Spiritual-Wellness private session.

What’s for Dinner?
The chefs at Canyon Ranch create delicious, fresh and nutritious meals with sustainable and local ingredients; just what you’d expect from a health spa.  Take a look at what dinner might include.   What I also love is that you can create your own meal using the a la carte options so if you’d like grilled chicken with steamed broccoli and a half (or whole) baked sweet potato, it’s possible.
Please note that this special from Mindful Adventures reflects a savings of about 30% off and is still during peak season.
Let’s connect and get you started on your journey!  Thank you.
To your wellness! –
– Donna xx

PS  If you’re looking to put your own group together for another time, let’s connect. Canyon Ranch (Lenox or Tucson) is a great option for
a groups of friends, reunions, family gatherings, birthday celebrations, team building, etc.   There’s something for everyone and a savings to match.

Photo credit: Donna Adinolfi

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