Book Review Revisited: Mind Over Fat Matters by Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez

It’s nearly summer and I thought this would be a great time to revisit one of my favorite books on healthier living, Mind Over Fat Matters:: Conquering Psychological Barriers to Weight Management.

The original review is included below so this is more of a refresher of the original tips Dr. Rodriguez shared for adding fitness to your day despite the warmer temperatures.  Whether you’re already engaged in a consistent fitness routine or looking for more ways to add movement to your day, these tips may motivate you to take more steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Back to Basics.
According to Dr.  Rodriquez, “going back to step one and establishing realistic expectations and obtainable workouts is key.  Not only does having a solid understanding of how exercise effects weight loss empower you to make better decisions, you’ll also see better (and faster) results.  A solid understanding of how to exercise properly goes a long way in getting your desired results.  The objective is to move at a pace that gets your heart rate up where you experience heavy breathing, but not to the point of pain.  As always, exercise should be enjoyable or you’ll never be able to make it part of your daily routine!”

Take advantage of the great outdoors.
“Summer is the perfect time to make exercise a part of your daily routine,” says Rodriguez.  “For one thing, the weather is warm, so outdoor exercise is much more fun – especially in the milder mornings and evenings.  Also, the days are longer and sunnier, giving you more time to enjoy Mother Nature.  Remember, there is no better fat burner than an active lifestyle.”

Find a way to  fit fitness in.

“Think about it this way,” suggests Rodriguez.  “If you had a doctor’s appointment, you would make sure nothing interfered with that time.  Your exercise time should be given the same priority.  If anyone asks to see you during your exercise time, decline and reschedule.  Creating healthy habits only increases your chance of slimming down.”

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So what are some activities you like to do during the summer?  Tennis, swimming, hiking, kayaking, perhaps yoga on the beach or by a lake may be of interest.  Make a list of what you like to do and get started, change it up and take that first step if it’s been a while.  Schedule time each day to focus on your health – plan your healthy menu, include activity and enjoy relaxation.  As we all  know, there’s no time like the present.  Forget about what you didn’t do yesterday and what you might do tomorrow, it all starts with now!

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Mind Over Fat Matters:: Conquering Psychological Barriers to Weight Management

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