Babich Wines of New Zealand Visits Southeastern Michigan's Fine Wine Source

“Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

I’m a red kind of gal when it comes to wine, however when it’s warm outside I do like a lighter wine like Sauvignon Blanc.  So when I think about Sauvignon Blanc I immediately think of New Zealand and the Marlborough region.   Fortunately, I just had an opportunity to meet David Babich, General Manager of Babich Wines.  No, I’m not in New Zealand, however he is here touring the Midwest so I knew it would be a good idea to stop by Fine Wine Source in Livonia, MI to meet him, learn more about Babich Wines and their sustainable practices, and yes, join in for a tasting.

First taste, the 2014 Babich Sauvignon, light, refreshing with a nice finish and one I could enjoy in the heat of the summer.   Next on the list, their organic Headwaters Sauvignon Blanc.  By the way, Babich developed the first vineyard to achieve sustainable registration in New Zealand.  Back to Headwaters – also light, tropical and this one revealed more mineral elements and the one I chose to purchase.   The other tasting included the 2013 Pinot Noir revealing notes of cherry and a little plum.  This one will go in the cellar as I’m curious to see how it develops over the next year or so (up to three years).

Babich will be celebrating 100 years of wine making in 2016 and it all began in 1916 when Josip Babich made his first New Zealand wine, selling it in cask and bottled under the name Babich Brothers.  I found their journey to be most interesting and their legacy continues.

Thank you to David Babich, General Manager of Babich Wines, for signing my bottles of wine.

Photo credit: Babich Wines

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