Another tip from The Happy Body book!

You’ll want to look at my previous post here at regarding my recent interview with Jerzy Gregorek, co-author of The Happy Body to get the full story, however both Jerzy and his wife and co-author Aniela have come up with some tips on exercising together.

In The Happy Body you’ll see detailed step-by-step photographs, charts and formulas with written instructions.  The book is beautifully illustrated and also offers a spiritual component.  The Gregoreks believe that as people perform the exercises on a daily basis, their lives develop a rhythm that helps them become calmer, more meditative, more relaxed and more mindful.

This is one of six of those tips I mentioned earlier and I’ll continue to present more in the days ahead.   Set achievable goals and each step will take you closer.
1. Change your idea about it.
Stop thinking about exercise as a way to burn calories and counteract overeating.  You will never lose weight through exercise.  Start thinking of exercise as a way to combat aging.  With this vision, you can learn to exercise properly.  Start by measuring your current flexibility, strength, speed, body type, and posture.  Now you can set meaningful exercise goals.
As with any exercise or weight loss program, check with your doctor if you have specific questions about your personal needs and goals.

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