Ahh! A Lesson in Breathing. Tune in to the Dr. Oz show for more.

Breath in.  Breath out. 

Are you using breath work as part of your wellness?  Both Dr. Weil and Dr. Nicolai will be on the Dr. Oz show today and they’ll discuss Integrative Wellness and a breathing technique to reduce stress.  Tune in to the show and you may be able to ‘tune in’ to some other ideas to improve your own health.

The Dr. Weil Integrative Wellness Program, under the direction of Dr. Jim Nicolai, is fairly new at Miraval Arizona.   It really is about our body-mind connection and taking responsibility for our health and it’s so empowering when you take the step toward optimum health.
I’ll be watching.  Check your local listings.

Be Mindful.  Enjoy your Adventure!

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