Welcome to the Mindful Adventures blog.  Feel free to stop by often and take a look at the latest information and resources to help you create your best life.
Our life’s journey is about evolving and from time to time we may need to redefine our direction and perhaps get away on our own, with a friend or significant other to help us find clarity for our journey. Perhaps we will awaken the passion that lies within us and or discover other passions that lead us in a new direction.
Mindful Adventures has been evolving for the last few years as well. One of the goals is to inspire you to create a life full of healthy and balanced living and a focus on living in the moment.
Mindful Adventures is your source for spas, spa getaways, travel articles, healthy living information and wellness resources. Perhaps your online journey will lead you to a local spa to help you relax or perhaps it will lead you to a destination spa where you can spend a few days and rediscover yourself, reach beyond your limits and uncover your hidden passions.
Feel free to share this site with others as we will continue to bring you more information and ideas to help you create the life you deserve…one of good health, purpose and happiness.
Challenge Yourself, Pamper Yourself, Reinvent Yourself….live in the moment and create the life of your dreams!
Healthy regards,

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