A Mindful Experience at Two Fish Gallery in Elkhart Lake, WI

Surrounded by colorful gardens, Two Fish Gallery is located in a Mission Style Bungalow and the classes and kiln are held in the Carriage House behind the gallery.  Meandering on the path between the bungalow and carriage house also nourishes a joyful and creative experience.  It’s evident that the owners, Pat and Karen Robison, have taken great care to encourage a creative journey at their Gallery and Sculpture Garden.

Inspired by my surroundings and reconnecting to my hands-on creative side was one of the highlights of my recent stay in Elkhart Lake, WI.  Several of us took a pottery class at Two Fish Gallery led by co-owner Pat Robison and we unleashed our inner artist.   I think creating art, like this, is truly a mindful experience.  It’s a little like gardening where you get totally immersed in your task.

Nowadays when I travel I typically bring home a new piece of pottery, usually a new cup or bowl, so to have the opportunity to create my own pottery was exciting.   Making the decision took a little time, however I chose to make a new vessel for my tea and coffee.
With plenty of creative tools to help with our creations we started to form our masterpiece with molds or use the wheel, something I’d love to do in a future pottery class.

Since it takes some time to set and dry before the creation can be glazed and fired, we knew it would be a little time before we could see our finished product.

Prior to leaving our work behind in the hands of our instructor we chose the finish and glaze we wanted and left the class filled with anticipation of receiving our art.

Filled with anticipation for several weeks I was so excited to receive ‘the’ box from Two Fish Gallery this week and quickly tore the box open to reveal my creation.  Of course, Pat took it to completion, however I’m grateful for the experience and will be using this with great care and joy.

Photo credit: Donna Adinolfi

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