A few of my favorite things to do at Rancho la Puerta!

It’s been about a month now since I left Rancho la Puerta and I’m having spa withdrawals!  There were several reasons I chose the Ranch this year and one was to celebrate my 50th birthday during their 70th anniversary year.  And it was time well spent as I participated in a Writing Workshop, enjoyed a week of healthy meals and reconnected to nature and different parts of myself and that was a big reason for going.

Rancho la Puerta
Photo: Mindful Adventures

So, just a few of my favorite things from the Ranch.

First on the list has to do with fitness.  So many options and there isn’t a way to do it all in a week, so you do what you can and for me it’s usually about doing something different.  Per a previous post I mentioned my injury which kept me from some activities, however I loved Release & Mobilize with Denise.  She’s one of my favorite instructors at the Ranch and this something that I continue to do at home.   Using tennis balls on specific trigger points you can experience a deep release and that’s why it’s a favorite of mine.  The description says that the goal is to decrease tightness and muscle spasms to create greater mobility and that is exactly what happens.  I felt great when I left that class and continue to feel that release every morning when I do this at home.

Second on my list is the food.   A vegetarian menu that is creative, colorful and nourishing.  The granola is the best I’ve ever had so of course I brought some home with me.  Fish is served about six times during the week and if you are a vegetarian you can choose an alternative entree if you don’t fish.
And another of my favorite things about the Ranch is the garden.  I love walking through the garden and taking photos of the flowers, herbs and anything that catches my eye.  It’s fragrant, colorful and nourishes my soul.  I feel so healthy when I’m at the Ranch and know that I’m doing good things for my body, mind and soul.

My hope is that more people will experience Rancho la Puerta and other destination spas to improve their well-being and live a healthier and more enriching life.   We all need to rejuvenate and reconnect to nature from time to time and this is one of the best ways to do just that.
Enjoy your journey!

Search Rancho la Puerta here on Mindful Adventures for more insight.

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