A Divine '09

Happy Holidays to all of you!

Last year I recall signing my Christmas cards with “all the best for a great ’08” as many of you may have done. Perhaps many of us have a tendency to rhyme a word with the coming of a new year, although I don’t recall what I used for ’07, ’06 and prior.

This year I recall a friend’s note signed off with “have a fine ’09” and I began to think “gee, I’d really like to have a better than ‘fine’ year” and soon the word ‘Divine’ came to me in the quiet of the afternoon. I began signing my cards with “all the best for a Divine 2009′ and I couldn’t imagine a greater word for my well wishing.

And here I am a week or so later and thinking about that word ‘divine’ – I initially used it to describe ‘excellent, marvelous, great’ and yet there is so much more to what divine means as you may know. The Divine as it relates to God or God-given qualities as well as being inspired by God and that which is sacred or having to do with theology.

At this point in my dialogue you’re probably thinking about what this has to do with travel and spas? Well, on a deeper level it’s about mindfully balancing your life more fully and for many of us that means including spirituality and many of the destination spas I work with and write about integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in their programs.

Spiritualty can present itself in many ways such as prayer, being faithful, showing gratitude for the blessings in life, meditation, religion and connecting with nature. Many of us use Yoga, Journaling, and Meditation to calm our mind and connect with our inner selves or with a higher power.
If you’re creating your list of intentions for the new year, consider greater balance and focus on spirituality and…..

All the best for a Divine ’09!

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